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At ITSprings we want the passionate trainers to come with us.

We believe that people force is the real force for every industry, and more so for a service driven industry like education. With us you will get the best support in the form of state of the art technology, and the best of infrastructural settings. We require people who love to train and it is their passion.

The HR team at It Springs really tries hard to provide you the adequate compensation in the industry. Industry experience with a stint of training is preferred, but we also make exceptions for bright candidates. Join us today if you adore teaching and training students for bettering the society at large.

Become an affiliate

Become an affiliate with us today to start your passive income. It is easy and gives you the extra! I

ITSprings has been the pioneer in online learning since its inception. We started off as an online Learning platform with the focus on the two cores of our society viz. the working professionals and the students. We are now expanding our horizons beyond by adding humanities, internet marketing and other fields. We invite affiliates to work with us to take us to the crowd which needs us.

The affiliates will ideally be blogs or websites related to technology, digital marketing and education. People who know social media marketing can also benefit from our program. We would prefer the following methods of advertising our services.

The 5 do’s

  • White Hat SEO methods : This includes writing advertisements which can sell our products. For details you can get in touch with our sales team.
  • Blog Posts to optimize search : We know the power of blogs in reaching the audience, and blog posts which help us will get duly rewarded.
  • E-mail Marketing : You can also spread the message through emails in your network and get the commission on sale.
  • Reviews and feedback : You can write a review with feedback on the ease of use of website and link that to our website too.
  • Permanente affiliate links : Adding affiliate link as a permanent feature of the content on you website/blog also works well.

The 3 don't s

  • Spamming by indexing articles on various sites is not recommended.
    Spinning a popular article and using it to advertise is not desirable.
    Using social media to advertise our services is not permitted.
    The way to work with us as an affiliate is very simple. It is a simple three step process of Joining, Advertising and Earning.
  • Joining : You need to register as an affiliate. Our team will check the credentials and approve your request. Just one approval is required to start the process.
  • Advertising : You can choose which service, you want to advertise on your platform. The choice is completely yours. Small or big site, blog or network you can monetize them with us.
  • Earnings : Each time our services are sold from your platform, you will get a decent commission. Our service team disburses the amount every week. Regular conversions can earn you some bonus benefits too.

Write to us on and we will get in touch with you.

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Write an articles

We require people from all industries who can play with words.

Language is an asset which is depleting everyday with technology taking over, but we at IT Springs understand the value of words. We have special requirements for technical writers working on specific technologies to share their experience in form of their story or article.

Blogs are one of the best ways to increase awareness and communicate in this electronic world and people with flair for the same are invited to join our creative team. Our compensation will be the best in the industry and we prefer people who can work independently.

Come be a part of our writing club.

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