Rescheduling Policy

We at It Springs understand that sometimes the schedule of the classes may not suit you. You can reschedule your classes as per our rescheduling policy guidelines. Detailed information in the policy should be read before doing the actual rescheduling to avoid confusion.

  • We do not charge any extra fees for rescheduling. You can choose your time as per availability.
  • In case of classroom training on site (traditional classroom) rescheduling can be done only after permission from the organization. In case no schedules are available full refund is done.
  • After joining a particular schedule you can reschedule within first 7 days. After 7 days it requires special permission to reschedule. However, we consider special cases.
  • In online live training rescheduling can be done as per the availability. If the batch is the last one of the current time frame, you are allowed to retake the classes you are rescheduling.
  • In online training the live webinars are conducted on periodical basis and you can join them to catch up instead of rescheduling.
  • We have all online resources available 24X7 and you can access them anytime. Rescheduling the classes will not make an effect here.

Note: Modification to the refund policy is done from time to time to suit the changing laws and times and this will be communicated in advance.

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