Privacy Policy

At IT Springs, we have a special concern for the privacy of our users. The endeavor is to make your experience safe and free from any kind of intrusion. Thus we have framed a well knit policy which acts as a guideline.

This privacy policy is a legal agreement between two parties “The Company” and “the Learner”, about how your information is used by us. It tells the process of collection and use of your personal data. The policy only binds us and not for other websites linked to us via hyperlinks. Hence, it is very important to carefully read this policy before signing up.

How we collect information?

Visiting the site is free for all and we do not collect information of browsing. You can read all the information on the site without revealing your personal information. You will have to share information only when you choose to register. The information is collected in the following manner:

  • Information shared while filling of registration form which includes name, age, address, cell number and email address.
  • Information shared when you write to us via email.
  • Information provided while commenting on our blog page and when you are writing a blog post for us.
  • Information given by your browser logs which includes IP address, URLs and clicks.
  • Collecting information by using cookies to know your profile. Cookies help us to personalize our site and improve your experience.
  • We do not collect or keep information of children under the age of 14 years.

How we use the information?

We do not use your personal information commercially by sharing it with other marketers. The information that you provide is solely used for that purpose only. Thus personal information is used to identify and provide service, while financial information is used for billing purposes only. We only do promotional marketing on your email after you allow us.

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