Policy for getting your Money Back

It Springs takes pride in offering the best service in the e-learning and education industry. Hence we offer a special money back policy for our end users. Our services of world class quality, and money back is our confidence in our services and not a promotion.

  • The tenure of money back is 10 days. If you opt for money back within this time frame all your money is returned back.
  • The money back can take maximum 15 days, and follows the same trend as our refunds. Read the refunds to know this.
  • Money back is a onetime thing that you can avail. Second time no money back or refunds. In special cases you can talk to our representative for specific guidelines.
  • After money back your account with us will be deleted and you will not have access to online learning resources.
  • The company reserves the rights to cancel the money back policy anytime without prior notification.

Note: There might be changes in this policy, and hence you must read the guidelines carefully before registering and making payments. The changes are communicated to the stakeholders through proper channels.

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