Our Program

Our Exclusive Learning program is open to final year undergraduate, engineering graduate level students and professionals eager to start their careers. Our new associate program is fabricated for people with prior experience as well as people who are interested to learn. The whole curriculum is tailored to encourage you to explore a lot of opportunities beyond position.

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What We Offer

This unique opportunity designed to fully involve you in the day to day activities and to learn about the industry by working side our experts. You can learn the practical aspects with each training and courses. The expert trainers are always there for you the training is made compatible with the day-to-day activities in the IT industry. Our focus will be on your learning which will lead to professional growth. Our training will make you job-ready and ready for tackling critical infrastructure for business.

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Technology Training

We are offering meaningful industry driven training program to develop skills which are compulsory for you in establishing long-term their careers. You will also receive training, based on your specific skills, needs and interests. You will gain a strong foundation of Technology theory, balanced with practical lab session for practice. Live projects with the theory and practical will build competence and confidence. The learning on real live projects helps you take insights into technology.

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Live Project

After you have finished the training; you will get a live project to perceive actual responsibilities. It gives you a sense of what you would be actually doing as a full-time employee. Our technical panel encourages you to explore more innovative solutions in response to technological challenges. Help and encouragement to tackle problems with creativity is provided by us, so that you can make an impact in your field of expertise.

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Resume Writing

Your resume showcases your technical and other skills. Hence it is necessary to make a resume seriously with a professional touch. Our resume building process keeps in view that your communication skills as well as technical skills need to be viewed. We have special resume writers who keep on exploring what industry requires and help you build resume that fits what industry requires.

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Interview Assistance

We work towards placing you in the right organization. In the process you will be assessed in different skills required. Our interview team will interview you first. They will transform you into a capable and confident professional with communication and technical skills required for the industry. To make your technical interview skills sound, there is a second round of interview session with real world IT industry companies.

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Professional Commitment

1We bring innovative thinking and creativity in professionals, which are critical skills in the IT industry which is rapidly changing.

2Our training is based on latest cutting edge infrastructure technology which makes you ready for the industry.

3Our improvement and Job Assistance program ensures that you get the best skill job fit.

4We will be with you, re-training and assisting you to imp rove your technical and interview skills till you get a job.

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