The way to enhance Skills

Training is not a need but a way to learn in the best of environment, and this is the message we want to spread all across the corporate world.Staying up to date with the skills that matter is necessary in the fast paced world today. That is the idea behind separate kinds of corporate training programs developed by our team at It Springs. The idea is to simplify things by knowing the training needs, and referring the program that suits your needs. We yearn to design programs that are not merely a dosage of motivation, but have tangible benefits in your line work and add some extra skills relevant in the current scenario. For instance, a training program for marketing professionals includes digital marketing to increase their purview.

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Training customized
as per need

With us you can customize your training needs, and cover every aspect of the training. You just have to tell us what you need, and we will design a program as per your needs. You can customize the program by choosing the duration – it can be a weakened program or a one off fortnight program. Whatever you need, we will make the required adjustments.

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Training Solutions
anywhere, Anytime

We at It Springs take pride in delivering training programs anywhere and anytime using our online platform. You do not need to spend resources on booking conference halls, but can get live training right in your offices. We also offer recorded sessions for the benefit of those who somehow miss the live training. You are assured of the best delivery with our cutting edge technical tools.

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Course material
as per the training

The course material we provide is not run of the mill. Instead, we design the material in conjunction with the top leaders in the company’s team and take their suggestions. After incorporating the needs in the material, we get it approved for quality and how much it is effective by taking a test run. Only when the test run gives an excellent result, do we go further. It is our commitment to provide quality in the course material, and we adhere to it no matter what.

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Certificates after training valid
throughout the world

We have tie ups with expert training organizations like Red Hat Linux. This enables us to give you certification after the course that is valid all over the globe. Our team takes pride in the certification program being our strength. Each training program which is customized as per the need of the company includes at least one global certificate to validate its authenticity.

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The Very best Trainers

People power is our strength and our trainers reflect this mission. We hire the best talent in the market, who will make learning very easy for you. These trainers are working daily to incorporate methods of training that are away from the regular path like classroom training. In fact, classroom training is just a tool for them, and they use technology to their advantage. With our exceptional trainers, training will look like a holiday where you learn some real good ways to better your skills.

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