Unix Shell Scripting

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The most compelling concept for any System Admin, Unix Shell Scripting can be your next wild card to delve deeper into DevOps and scale greater height

With Linux almost sweeping through with stakes in most high profile system and servers, there is an incredible growth in the demand for scripting

  • With respect to script based deployment and DevOps tools, scripting translates well, adding considerable prospect to your career post training
  • Scripting, has obviously evolved as an essential part of Learning Linux considering the decades of research that has gone in to develop all of it.
  • Over the years Linux has been ruling the software industry, with negligible chances of the hype fizzing out any time soon.
  • Scripting is a vital practical job to be performed at basic levels by every System Admin, even if advanced positions not applied for
  • Any sort of practical approach is way more tough and in demand than any theoretical applications. referring to scholarly guidance do the magic.
  • Learn the art of troubleshooting all by yourself by performing as a professional in a simulated environment to managing skills
  • Assess the extent of your improvement of skills and efficiency post the formal completion of training by undertaking a pre structured test.

Course Indication


  • The shell is often taken as an-easy domain-specific program language. UNIX Shell Scripting is a script printed for the shell, or command line predictor of any operating scheme. 
  • In spite of it being considered an easy language, it is of utmost necessity to understand its importance in the order of essential basics which specific domains cannot do without. 
  • File management, program implementation and printing text are among the illustrative functionalities of shell scripts.
    In this comprehensive Unix training program, an individual is introduced to the concepts of Unix kernel, Unix Commands, vi Editor, Access Control, unix real time project and unix shell scripting placement training.
  • Course Stats

  • The curriculum is designed in a way to suit your time frame. The training session is conducted in week days as well as weekends. The total time span being 40 hours. In case of opting it in the week day, you can attend sessions for 2- 3 hours at a stretch, whereas in case of the weekend the session runs for 8 hours at a stretch.
  • The modules have been carefully crafted for a clear and comprehendible understanding, with slow introduction of myriad concepts that caters to an overall learning for professional skill development.
  • In case of specific concern in relation to the time feel free to consult our team before the course commences, post enrollment and registration. We will be happy to provide you with a suitable alternative in case of inconvenience.
  • Course Outcome

  • Unix Shell scripting training bears effective prospect in today’s scenario that is inclusive of the ability to:
    • Writing simple scripts to enhance basic command output
    • Using the various shell quoting mechanisms appropriately
    • Manipulating shell variables and user-defined variables in scripts
    • Implementing conditional execution facilities
    • Using the shell's built-in loop constructs where appropriate
    • Writing scripts to trap user interrupts
    • Developing menu-driven shell scripts
    • Extract data from any HTML/XML file to be used within the script
    • Display values using ‘awk’ in the Shell Script
    • Effectively use ‘While’, ‘Until’, or ‘For’ loops according to the need of the script
    • Schedule jobs using ‘Crontab’ or ’at’
    • Using  ‘if-else’ statement or ‘Nested if’ statements
    • Store or assign a value of out[put to a variable
    • Set or Unset any variable and run a command substitution to any variable.


  • You are introduced to real time case studies from the industry in order to understand the skill set required to become professional engaged in Shell scripting.
  • Post this, you are expected to take references and complete projects before you get certified as having been trained in scripting.
  • A thorough and extensive project clarifies your lingering concerns, as, at each step you are supervised by our expert mentors who take the onus to step ahead and address your doubts tirelessly, even in the afterhours of the training sessions.
    an interactive methodology of imparting training works to your benefit as you can converse with other students who are at the same line as you. This sort of a curriculum encourages you to undertake innovative projects with your ideas getting a boost from multiple thoughts shared by your batch.
  • Course Objectives

  • Our aim is to cater to the wide ranging demand and expectations in the market from anyone specialized in Shell scripting such as follows:
    • Work confidently in Unix/Linux environment
    • Learning the key features and fundamentals of bash scripting
    • Carrying out arithmetic operations in a shell script
    • Creating interactive scripts
    • Incorporating different functionalities including flow control and decision making
    • Understanding and implementing various functions
    • Write shell scripts to automate various tasks
    • Master the basics of Linux administration, with specific focus on Shell
    • Grown familiarity with different environment variables of Linux Operating Systems.
    • Prepare scripts to automate common tasks in Linux system.
    • Ability to create report and online report using CGI and MySQL queries.
    • Guard against malicious intents against the Linux Operating System.

    Pre requisites

  • There is no specific requirement to be trained in Shell scripting, except for the fact that a prior knowledge of Linux environment is essential in order to get a clear hang of the command line.

  • You need not worry about the new set of skills you are about to imbibe. You are supervised by experienced experts from the industry, who believe in nothing less than a hands-on experience. 

  • Simulated lab work and real time project handling helps you conceptualize as well as experience the performance similar to that in case of your professional space.

  • So forget the past and take a leap towards the shining future ahead!
  • Learn Why

  • The reviolutionary open source operating system which promoted cross platform standardization is based on the Unix Kernel. 
    Shell Scripting is at the heart of making the operating system work.

  • With the rising demand to process multitude of data generated by applications, within given span of time, Unix is being used all the more to lessen the turnaround time.

  • As far as the current scenario is concerned, a trusted survey illustrates, 214,380  members in LinkedIn have registered themselves as trained in shell scripting.

  • Shell scripting gives you the scope to perform in multiple environments like development, testing, application support, etc. After completion of the course you can take up high-paying jobs in the Hadoop, ETL, SQL, and testing domains in the best companies around the world.
  • check schedule

    • 19 Oct-21 Oct
    • 08AM - 11AM EST
    • MonTueWedThuFri
    • 11 Session (3 Hours Each)
    • USD 599
      USD 499
    • 28 Oct-31 Oct
    • 08AM -17PM EST
    • SatSun
    • 5 Session (8 Hours Each)
    • USD 599
      USD 499

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    Course Curriculum

    Course Introduction

    • Administration and Course Materials
    • Course Structure and Agenda
    • Delegate and Trainer Introductions

    Linux Command Review

    • Basic Unix commands
    • General commands
    • File and directory handling commands
    • Filename generation characters
    • I/O Redirection features
    • Other commands

    Getting Started

    • What is a shell script?
    • Development guidelines
    • Creating and editing shell scripts
    • Naming and storing shell scripts
    • Executing shell scripts
    • Exercise: Write a simple shell script

    Using Vaiables

    • Environment variables
    • Local variables
    • Assigning values to variables
    • Assessing variable values
    • Using quotes
    • Delimiting variable names
    • Echo control sequences
    • Exercise: Add variables to a script

    Integer Arithetic

    • Using the expr command
    • Using the (( )) notation
    • Exercise: Add integer arithmetic to a shell script

    Handling Run Time Data

    • The read command
    • Command line arguments
    • Exercise: Writing a generic shell script
    • Exercise: Writing an interactive shell script

    Condition Execution

    • The if statement
    • The test command
    • Other test notations
    • Default and substitute variables
    • Exit status codes
    • Exercise: Adding validation to previous scripts

    Loop Constructs

    • The while loop
    • The until loop
    • The for loop
    • The while true and until false loops
    • Loop control commands
    • Exercise: Enhancing the previously written scripts
    • Exercise: Writing a script to copy files using a 'for' loop
    • Exercise: Writing a script to generate numbers with the 'while' loop

    Multi-Branch Decisions

    • The case statement
    • Menu driven applications
    • Exercise: Developing and writing a menu system


    • What is a function?
    • Syntax
    • Examples
    • Exercise: Add a function to a script

    Interrupt Handling

    • Interrupt signals
    • Trapping interrupts
    • Exercise: Adding traps to the menu script
    • The exec commands
    • The includes notation
    • More about loops
    • Arrays
    • Here Documents
    • Exercise: Create a here script

    job role

    Societat Civil Catalana plataformak deitu du manifestazioa

    Unix is an idea that has revolutionized the software industry. Any of its  ancilliaries bear equal amount of weightage with respect to the prospects it provides to a skilled individual. Such a lucrative prospect happens to be that of a Shell scripter- foundation to the advanced levels
    Shell Scripting is an integral part of learning Linux. At its foundation, it is used by System Admins. As far as the advanced concept is concerned, it becomes a necessity for the following professionals:

    • System and application programmers.
    • Configuration managers.
      • Testers.
    • Future system directors.

    Salary report

    Societat Civil Catalana plataformak deitu du manifestazioa

    The quote below has been adopted from a reputed consultation site. It brings out the fact that, on an average, a Shell scripter can expect to draw around Rs 6 lakhs per annum. As per gross calculations there has been a constant growth of over 24%  in the pay scales over past few years. 

    Many a trusted sites in the web illustrates that in the US the average is 97000$. In UK the median stands at 50000 Euro. Even the reuirement for shell scripters have been 68% more than most other job postings.

    The above fat s paint a clear picture about the scope and lucrative future that is waiting for guys opting for Shell Scripting.

    Societat Civil Catalana plataformak deitu du manifestazioa

    Blurring the line between operations/ infrastructure and application development/ interacting with the operating system, Shell Scripting has become a valuable commodity with the advent of the DevOps revolution.

    Weaving  major DevOps toolsin various situations, a bash script is often used to call an Ansible playbook while using Jenkins for automation and deployment.

    In case of choosing a single effective language to start a DevOps career (which is held in high reverence in the current scenario), Shell scripting can work wonders.

    So, instead of doing tedious task all by oneself, shell scripts can be very well used to automate. 

    Writing a script rather than manual slog, is trending!

    job support

    Societat Civil Catalana plataformak deitu du manifestazioa

    In case of Linux related ancillaries- such as Shell scripting, scope to reach the peak of your career will be a gradual, but steady journey. Being in the industry and guided by the experts for so long, we have experienced that skilled candidates never has to wait for being recommended. Performance makes the statement. 

    Linux- the high in demand open source operating system, claiming its use in more than 90% systems running around the globe has consolidated the software market in a way that any knowledge to related fields will have broader prospects in the long run.

    Linux Shell scripting too shares a part of this optimism, and, perhaps you are the next to get benefitted from the high demand for skilled professionals. 

    If you are unable to figure out the way ahead, we are here to support you under such grim circumstances. However, your foremost responsibility will be learning the underlying aspects of the trade b y means of thorough research.



    We regret to bring to your notice that there is no institution who can declare you ‘shell scripting certified’. As already mentioned in the content of this course, scripting has to do exclusively with practical approach. 

    The only positivity being, the online training course in IT Springs majorly covers the professional requirements as expected out of an individual associated with or responsible Shell Scripting as a part of his team.

    For obvious reasons, any person who is proficient in any advanced profile definitely reaps rewards in the long term, in case there is a specific profile that waits for someone who is specifically trained in that genre and has conceptual understanding rather than just the one learnt through experience.

    You get certified by us as having been trained professionally in Shell scripting, on successful completion of the course.


    Who should join this course?

    Developers/Testers who want to accelerate their careers- Analytics Managers who are subject matter experts, or/and are leading a team of analysts - Individual contributors in the field of Enterprise Business Intelligence.

    Post training will you issue a certificate?

    Do you provide any study materials?

    There is no formal certification for Shell Scripting. Although, post successful completion of the course, we certify you as having been professionally trained in scripting.

    What happens if I miss a session?

    All study materials will be available on line in your dashboard, the access to whih will be received post registration for the training session

    What are the minimum system requirements to attend the course?

    All the live sessions are recorded and available for later view. Learners can refer to recordings of a missed session at their convenience.

    Is there an official support desk for technical guidance during the training program?

    Personal computer or Laptop with web camera- Headphone with Mic- Minimum 1 Mbps broadband connection with 4 Mbps download speed.

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