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Spanish being the third most spoken language in the world, after English and Mandarin, is spoken by 400 million people worldwide.

India is witnessing a rapid growth of Spanish companies setting up business like Inditex Textile Company, Agroalimen etc

  • With our course, you will learn the basics and some intermediate of grammar of Spanish, so that you will be able to converse confidently in Spanish.
  • Indian companies, like TCS and Satyam, have started setting up their development centres and have acquired companies all over Latin America
  • India's trade with Latin America had increased by 45% in 2008 while India's exports increased by 40%
  • Being a language expert in Spanish, you could be paid 25 to 40 per cent more than your English-speaking counterparts and would gain a global insight.
  • Knowledge of a foreign language will land you a translator’s job, you can land up a job profile which involved technical and language support.
  • Being one of the few languages which is phonetic, Spanish is easy to learn.
  • With our high quality material you can improve and train your vocabulary with 4000 words and example sentences as well as you can learn 1000 phrases

Course Indication


  • With Spanish being the third most spoken language in the world, not only does this language have high scope in the US, but due to the recent developments of Spanish companies in India a wide window of opportunity has been opened. With our experienced Spanish instructors, you can learn to communicate in Spanish with ease. Our teachers use both one-on-one conversation, mixed with explanations and practice of grammar, to develop students’ Spanish speaking ability as quickly and naturally as possible. All your Spanish language learning needs will be fulfilled by joining our course. This is the right course for you if you want lessons in Spanish grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, linguistics or informal Spanish conversations.
  • Course stats

  • By enrolling in this course, you will receive access to 15 hours of on-demand video lectures and access to 20 supplementary reading materials. Our online lessons are explained and visually supported by an interactive board, making the learning of a foreign language less intimidating and more easy and enjoyable experience. You will receive a certificate on completion of course and the tests. A mini test will be conducted after 5 hours of lectures. The detailed course structure will be sent to the enrolled students. 24/7 course support will be provided along with individual assistance. Our instructors will always be there to guide you and to solve all your doubts ad queries.
  • Course outcome

  • After taking this course, you will be able to speak basic Spanish will fluency and ease. You will be acquainted with the basic Spanish phrases and will gain confidence to speak to a native Spanish. You will encounter basic grammar along the duration of the course and will learn the basics like numbers, weeks, months and so on. Basic greeting and salutation will be taught along with professional conversations to help you climb up your way, by knowing a second language.
  • Quiz and project

  • At the end of 5 hours of course, a quiz will be taken to check the understanding of the student. At the end of the course, the student will be required to write a mini project in Spanish and create a video/audio of them conversing in Spanish. More than 85% in every quiz is essential to get the certificate at the end of the course. The project at the end of the course will also be graded on several parameters which will be later communicated to the enrolled students. Completing the course quizzes and the projects is mandatory for receiving the certificates. Every student gets 5 attempts at a particular quiz and the maximum score of these 5 quizzes will be considered.
  • Course objectives

  • The main aim of the course is to guide you towards learning Spanish effectively and with ease. By the mixture of interactive and intuitive learning, combined with our high-quality audio and video lectures with exercises, you will be able to converse in Spanish in no time. Our exercises and vocabulary trainer will guide you to speak proper Spanish and our grammar lessons with ensure that you do not speak incorrect sentences. Will our efficiently crafted course structure, you will learn to –
    Speak fluently

  • Converse in Spanish with correct sentence structure
    • Learn the basic greetings
    • Learn the professional conversations
    • Learn the correct pronunciation with our audio trainers.
    • Learn to develop the proper accent


  • Being a beginner’s course, no previous knowledge of Spanish is required. You should be able to use a computer as beginner’s level. Access to internet with sufficient speed is necessary. Us of headphones or earphones is highly recommended for learning the proper pronunciation of words.  

  • There are no formal entry requirements – you do not need to have studied any Spanish before. Enthusiasm and a willingness to participate will certainly help. Hence, it becomes all the more motivating and encouraging. Though, for advanced level Spanish courses, you must have a beginner level understanding to go ahead.
  • Learn why

  • Spanish is spoken by 400 million people worldwide. That means you have 400 million other people to talk to. Learning a language basically lands you a job at an embassy or in the tourism sector. Not only does learning another language help you to get a job as a translator, but due to the increasing globalisation, the scope has widened. Companies in IT sectors, MNCs and medical or pharmaceutical companies are also looking out for professionals who are acquainted with a second language like Spanish. If you are not looking for a job any time soon and think that learning a new language is useless for you, think again! If you are planning to go to the United States for education, you are in luck. More than half of the people in the American subcontinent knows Spanish, at least basic Spanish, which gives you a wide scope to improve. Even if you don’t plan on going abroad, learning a new language will always be a feather in your hat. 
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    • 11 Session (3 Hours Each)
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    • 31 Oct-31 Oct
    • 09AM - 5PM EST
    • SatSun
    • 5 Session (8 Hours Each)
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    Course Curriculum

    Lesson One: Course introduction

    In this lesson you will be guided to how to use the resources provided effectively. You will be introduced to the basics of this language and will learn about the culture of Spain and Native America. 

    • Learn the history of Spain
    • Evolution of Spanish language
    Learn how to effectively use this course and the material provided

    Lesson Two: Basics of Spanish

    Start your Spanish journey in this lesson by learning the alphabet and the pronunciation rules. We will guide you through the basics of the language.

    • Learn the alphabet
    • Pronunciation rules

    Lesson Three: Basic vocabulary-1

    In this lesson you will get acquainted with the most used words in the language. You will also learn the correct pronunciation of every word by using our audio files. Basic vocabulary will be developed. 

    • Basic phrases
    • Food
    • Animals
    • Colours
    • Numbers
    • Weather
    • Months
    • Seasons

    Lesson Four: Basic vocabulary-2

    In this lesson we teach you how to tell the time in Spanish, using the numbers you already learned, together with the days of a week, the months of the year and you can also learn about frequency of an action.

    • Descriptions
    • Telling time
    • Calendar
    • Personal pronouns related to gender

    Lesson Five: Basic Grammar

    Using regular Spanish verbs in the present tense, the definite and indefinite article are being studied in the first part of this lesson, together with vocabulary. The second part of the lesson is about using the verb TENER, ending with a recap of the numbers from 1 to 30.  

    • Present tense
    • Definite articles
    • Indefinite articles
    • Use of verb ‘Tener’

    Lesson Six: Conversations in classroom

    Learn the vocabulary used in a classroom and learn to create small sentences.

    • Basic greetings
    • Classroom conversations

    Lesson 7: Grammar

    This lesson teaches you about the regular and irregular verbs in present tense and the use of vowel exchange in Spanish language.

    • Regular verbs
    • Irregular verbs
    • Vowel exchange
    • Verb ‘Haber

    Lesson 8: Prepositions

    Learn the prepositions in Spanish and how to use them easily.

    Lesson 9

    • Verbs and pronouns 
    • Reflexive verbs
    • Reciprocal verbs
    • Direct and indirect object pronouns

    Lesson 10: Professional conversation

    Learn how to converse in a professional environment. This lesson will also include writing out emails in Spanish. 

    Lesson 11: Basic conversations

    Learn to converse in Spanish in your daily life in this lesson. The basic conversation principles will be shown. 

    job role

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo para

    There are plenty of reasons why you should learn Spanish, but one reason stands out – Employability. Now that the Hispanic population is steadily rising in the US which is at about 17% of the total population. By learning this language, you can opt for a career in bilingual education or can earn a hefty salary by being a translator and can try your hand at freelancing. Your Spanish speaking skills will be useful in marketing and as well as to move your career base abroad. Spanish will open a lot of opportunities for you and to grow your career as a professional.

    Salary report

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo para

    Knowing a second language will bring in about 1.4% return on your investment. So, if your annual salary is $40,000, you can expect to earn an extra $800 per year if you learn Spanish. Translators are in demand and are paid heavily for the translation. Translators are usually paid per word or at an hourly rate. Higher the demand for your language, more will be your salary. Knowing a second language like Spanish, will help you to climb the management steps at your company as well, thus gaining more salary. Language teachers are also paid a good amount of salary at an hourly rate.

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo para

    With Spanish songs becoming popular, the entire world is acknowledging the language. People have started realising the importance of this language, which is the third most spoken language in the world. With high demands for translators at court rooms and other professional places, demand for learning a second language has tremendously increased. A second language like Spanish is taught at high school level or sometimes even to undergraduates.

    job support

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo para

    Apart from providing world class support in terms of learning and knowledge, we also provide an array of opportunities to tap the correct job roles. We have a number of blogs which are regularly updated with the latest trends and from there, you may pick up the best suited roles, apply for the same and get a job! We also provide regular updates, make you industry ready and help you with the application processes. We are highly dedicated to helping you achieve your goals post completion of this course and our mentors guide you wherever and however possible.



    A digital certificate will be provided to the enrolled students who manage to get 85%on all their tests. The project at the end of the course will also be assessed to check if the student has been properly acquainted with the language.


    Who should take this course?

    Anyone who wants to learn Spanish fast and easy. This Spanish course is designed for beginners. We start with the absolute basics. If you are nearly intermediate you can improve your Spanish with this course. 

    Can I get a refund if I cancel my enrolment?

    How can we pay for the enrolment?

    Any registration cancelled within 48 hours of the initial registration will be refunded in full amount. Registrations cancelled within 3-7 days will be refunded with 50% of the total amount. Any cancellations after 7 days from the date of registration will be given no refunds. Please note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of receipt of written request for refund. Kindly go through our Refund Policy for more details.

    How long does it take to complete the course?

    Enrolling for the training course onion is super quick and easy. You can pay via your debit or credit card. Payments through PayPal and Paytm are also accepted. The payment receipt will be issued to the candidate automatically by email. After which the course instructor will email you for the further procedure. 

    If I know the basics of Spanish, should I take this course?

    This course has about 15 hours of content.

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