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Python language is one of the most in-demand languages out there in the corporate scene. This is mainly because of the demand-supply gap.

Data Science market is in demand and the jobs opening up for Python remain open for an average of 45 days, which is higher by the industry average

  • Python is more powerful than the traditional languages like C, C++ and PHP.
  • The features like code autocompletion, refactoring, and use of databases are the most popular features in the Python environment.
  • The project at the end of this course is based on web scraping from IMDB website.
  • Continuous mock tests will be conducted to evaluate your progress.
  • The classes are conducted live and applications are run in real time for you to learn and enjoy.
  • According to a survey of corporate professionals in the United States of America, Python remains the number one language for data science.
  • Web scraping, data analytics and web development are some of the most important practical features of Python.

Course Indication


  • Python is basically an open source language which is supposed to make the programs clearer, rather than the complex codes in some other high level languages. Object Oriented Programming (OOP), functional programming are the various paradigms supported by the Python environment. It also has exciting features like a dynamic system and automatic memory management among others. The implementation can simply function as a command line interpreter, thanks to its highly extensible shell like feature.  Indispensable for data scientists in the current day scenario for its extensive applications in building applications for machine learning, Python is also used by websites like YouTube and Dropbox in a huge manner.
  • Course Stats

  • In a survey conducted by PyCharm three quarters of all the participants used Python as their main language for development, and the rest used as a supplementary language. Python is also beige increasingly used in neuroscience, to build software and also in the filed of neuroinformatics.
  • Course Outcome

  • The faculty and management sit together and meticulously plan each and every aspect of Python training course by laying out a blueprint that's beneficial to each and every student of ours. Reviews are taken in regular intervals of time along the course to make the learning experience and enhance customer satisfaction to the maximum level possible. We are certain that you will be professional like in the Python language and confident to face the corporate world after this training program. So stop thinking, because it’s time to act.
  • Project Workout

  • A project is given at the end to revise all the concepts learned in the course. It is designed to test all the skills that you’ve learnt in an enriching manner.
  • Pre-Requisites

  • Since this is an introductory course, we will be starting everything right from the beginning keeping a newcomer in mind. Therefore, no prerequisites for the course.
  • Learn Why

  • In a survey conducted by PyCharm, Python is mainly being used for web development purposes, followed by scientific and data analysis, software development, system administration, testing and games. Data Analysis is the latest hot thing in the market and is soon expected to catch up with web development. In the recently organised “Code to Learn” contest by Google, it found that an astonishing 7 out of 10 students want to learn coding using Python. This is how much Python is in demand in the present day corporate world.
  • Course Objectives

  • As we delve into this module we learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using Python. Further we learn why interpreter is used and Interpreter PATH, and scripting Python Script in Unix and Windows. We also learn about variables and keywords, and the various editors available for writing python code.
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    • 07 Aug-22 Aug
    • 08AM - 11AM EST
    • MonTueWedThuFri
    • 11 Session(3 Hours Each)
    • USD 399
      USD 499
    • 12 Aug-22 Jul
    • 08AM - 05PM EST
    • SatSun
    • 5 Session(8 Hours Each)
    • USD 399
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    Course Curriculum

    Concise introduction to python

    • Pros and Cons of Python
    • Starting Python 
    • Interpreter PATH
    • Interpreter and its Uses
    • Python Script execution 
    • Python Scripts for different OS (Unix/Windows)
    • Console editors and IDE’s to write code
    • Usage of variables, keywords, operators, expressions, strings and functions in-built in python 
    • Displaying output to the screen 
    • Formatting a string 
    • Flow Control and Command line parameters.
    • Sequences and Operations on Files 

    Sequences in Python and their corresponding functions

    We also see the operations on files that help us enumerate(), x range function and also generator expressions.

    • Indexing, Slicing, Lists and Tuples
    • Looping through a given sequence 
    • Sequence Functions in Python 
    • Usage of Enumerate()
    • Sequence Keywords and operators 
    • x range () and its uses
    • Generator Expressions in Python
    • Dictionaries and Sets.
    • Delving deeper into the Python Course

    Functionalities of Python like functions, variables

    • The various methods of sorting and Exception Handling.
    • Functions and their corresponding parameters 
    • Global Variables
    • Variable Scope and Return Values 
    • Techniques for sorting 
    • Lambda Functions
    • Collections Sorting 
    • Lexicographic sorting 
    • List Sorting 
    • Errors and handling of exceptions 
    • Multiple Exception Handling
    • Hierarchy of Exceptions 
    • Module usage in Python 
    • Import statement in Python
    • Module Search Path
    • Methods to install packages 
    • Object Oriented Programming and various expressions and Packages in Python Language.

    Object Oriented Programming feature, and also the various packages and methods.

    • The Sys Module
    • Information of the Interpreter 
    • STuDIO
    • How to launch external programs 
    • Paths
    • Directories and Filenames
    • Traversing the Directory Trees
    • The ever important- Math function 
    • Rand function 
    • Times and Dates using Python 
    • Compressed Archives 
    • Classes in Python
    • Basic definition of classes 
    • Initializers
    • Instances and Methods in Python
    • Data Handling and Class Methods 
    • Static Methods, Private Methods 
    • The important concept of Inheritance
    • Module Aliases 
    • Debugging code, Handling Databases And Project Skeletons

    We learn a huge range of things in this module that include

    • Code Debugging
    • Handling errors 
    • Usage of Tests
    • Project Skeleton
    • Necessary packages 
    • Making the skeleton
    • Project Directory
    • Structure of the Directory 
    • Setup testing
    • Executing the Skeleton
    • Database Creation using SQLite3
    • CRUD Operations
    • Database Objects

    Python Web Scraping and Final Project

    In the final module we get a taste of the power of Web Scarping using Python and solve a project applying all the concepts that we have learnt along the length of the course.


    • Web Scraping and its applications 
    • Beautiful Soup Package in Python- An Introduction 
    • Scraping of Web Pages
    • Project to demonstrate scraping of data from websites including Google and IMDB in real time.

    job role

    En el habitual mensaje sabatino, publicado en Twitter,

    There are loads of job titles that require the in-depth knowledge of the Python language. Such as: Software Developer, Software Manager

    Salary report

    Python-based interface to build a neuromorphic hardware system

    A software professional adept at using Python can earn an annual salary of anywhere between $70000 to $115000. A job search on any of the leading job portal websites returns anywhere between 5000-10000 jobs that require Python.

    PCSIM: simulation platform specially for neuroscience

    PCSIM is the most powerful software tool available for simulation of neural circuits. Though its core is based on C++, it is implemented in the Python Language, because of its raw computational power and the ability to integrate the neural circuit simulator with data analysis tools.

    job support

    No se creyeron al conseller de Movilitat Josep Rull

    Python is the single most important language for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. The huge number of packages available for Python and ease of programming using it makes a language that is not vanishing anytime soon. The demand is going to increase in further years as AI and Machine Learning make inroads into the computing world. Python has a huge range of libraries performing various functions. Some of them are Scipy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Rpy2, among others. Scipy is used for mathematical functions, whereas Matplotlib is the Python package for MATLAB. Pandas is the data manipulation package, and Rpy2 is the statistical package based on R language. Therefore, a programmer can shift from other environments to Python with extreme convenience with the help of these packages. This helps the traditional programmers as they can switch to Python anytime in search of better and exciting prospects.



    No se creyeron al conseller de Movilitat Josep Rull en una reciente visita al Baix Penedès en la que anunció que se hará un estudio del impacto que la autopista C-32 supone para la comarca y que la manera de eliminar el peaje sería la aplicación de la viñeta.


    What are the qualifications of the trainers?

    The trainers are highly qualified software professionals an have years of working experience in Python to students across various universities.

    What should I do if I miss a class in case of an emergency?

    How is the final project beneficial to the course?How is the final project beneficial to the course?

    The video lecture are recorded and uploaded on the website for your reference further. Just login and study anytime you want to.

    What are the refund policies in case I cancel my enrollment?

    The final project covers all the basic and advanced functionalities of Python that you are going to learn in the course. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you finish the project as it acts like a comprehensive revision of the entire syllabus and also as a practical experience for you.

    Are the classes held live online?

    The refund will be done only within 48 hours of the initial payment. No request further that time will be entertained by us. The money will be transferred directly to your bank account in 30 days, and we urge you to have patience until then.

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