PMP Certification

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The PMP Certification has been designed in line with the standard practices, Optimum utilization of available resources, time management.

Any PMP certified professional is known to be adept at crucial aspects that benefit the operations in any industry at large

  • A PMP certification prepares you as per the global market standards. Connecting with a community of professionals, organizations
  • In this continuously changing-dynamic business environment, it is of utmost essential to establish the experience garnered by dealing
  • In any professional endeavors there is barely any scope of theoretical justification of skills. All of it is completely based on research
  • The course has been framed in a way to basically build in any professional the art of executing responsibilities of a project management professional
  • Connecting with professionals globally and discussing your concerns in the open forum helps in crucial understanding of newer concepts
  • Project is an essential and integral part of the learning process in our classrooms. It helps you in implementing what you learnt
  • The learning has to be broadly based on practical knowledge, so, it is time for self assessment before you step out and flaunt that added feather!

Course Indication


  • Currently, there are more than 594,603 certified PMPs worldwide come from industries ranging from healthcare, telecommunications, education, finance, construction to information technology, among which 20,000 of them are located in the PRC.

  • The PMP Certification is a globally recognized and respected credential, demonstrating a solid foundation of knowledge from which you can competently practice as a project manager, lead and direct project tasks and identify concrete directions in an efficient, quality and timely manner. 

  • Demand is high for practitioners with the necessary mix of competencies—a combination of technical and leadership skills plus strategic and business management— as depicted in the PMI Talent Triangle.

  • It is highly recommended for those who:
    • lead and direct cross-functional teams 
    • responsible for  delivering projects within the constraints of schedule, budget, and scope. 

    Course Stats

  • A rigorous 40 hours curriculum demands your complete dedication to come out as an expert to monitor, manage and efficiently perform operations as a project manager.

  • The course can be opted during the weekdays, with 2-3 hours of session as per curriculum. In case you are already associated with a profession we provide you with the comfortable alternative to have an access to the sessions at ease during the weekend, the catch being – session for 8 hours at a stretch.

  • For professional purposes we have crafted a tight schedule, but, in case you are unable to get the essence of any concept or have issues in following any particular lecture considering it to be fast paced for your understanding, our experts will be happy to clarify your doubts in the after-hours.
  • Course Outcome

    • Makes you aware of the Best Practices in Project Management
    • Shows your commitment  to the project management profession
    • Acts as a Qualification/ Disqualification Criteria for Top paying Project Management Jobs
    • Recognizes your knowledge, skills, and abilities globally
    • Leads to career opportunities and advancement
  • By obtaining this credential, you validate your commitment to the profession of project management. 
  • Leads to Better Earning – PMP®Certified Project Staff earn up to 30% more than Non-Certified Staff
    Contribute towards Enhancing/ Improving organizational project management processes
  • Learning the 5 integral project lifecycle:
    • Initiating.
    • Planning.
    • Executing.
    • Monitoring and Controlling
    • Closing.
  • By obtaining this credential, you validate your commitment to the profession of project management.
  • Project

  • We assign a project in line and standards of the trending market to each candidate, which happens to be the yardstick to measure the skill development post completion of sessions conducted by our experts. The project is generally related to any of the current and related case studies from the industry that exposes an individual to a real time situation. It also enhances the ability to sharpen the technical idea as and how to resolve issues in the professional space ones he is recruited as a specialist.

  • The projet is supervised and thoroughly guided by our experts. On submission a detailed report and analysis is provided in order to rectify concepts and provide solutions and clarifications to lingering doubts.
  • Course Objectives

    • Understand projects and project management disciplines
    • Prepare thoroughly for the PMP credential process and the examination
    • Work out more practice questions to greatly improve their chance of passing the test
    • Approach to project management as described by the guide to project management body of knowledge.
    • Demonstrate how the PMI processes can be used to improve project management in your organisation.
    • The Structured Approach to Manage Projects: Dividing the Project Management Domain into Five Project Management Processes Groups and Ten Knowledge Areas in line with Guide to PMBOK® Fifth Edition
    • The Important and Relevant Project Management Best Practices with specific mention of Input, Tools, Techniques, and Outputs for each Project Management

    Pre requisites

  • Educational and project management experience requirement:  

  • For bachelor degree holders and/or above: A minimum of 36 months of unique non-overlapping professional project management experience during which at least 4,500 hours are spent on leading and directing project tasks.  
  • For other education qualifications: A minimum of 60 months of unique non-overlapping professional project management experience during which at least 7,500 hours are spent on leading and directing project tasks
    35 hours of recognized project management training
    Pass the PMP examination.
  • Candidates are required to earn and report 60 professional development units – PDUs – within a 3-year cycle.  
  • Project Management experience must be accrued within 8 years by the date of application. Leading and direct project tasks are identified in the PMP examination specification.
  • Learn Why

  • PMP certification from the Project Management Institute®(PMI) is the most widely recognised global project management qualification. “PMP certification demonstrates that you have the experience, education and competency to successfully lead and direct complex projects”.

  • There are currently 773,840 active PMP certified individuals and 286 chartered chapters across 210 countries and territories worldwide. 

  • It is the perfect choice for those project managers who work, or aspire to work, in an international market. Research by the PMI has shown that project managers who hold the PMP credential earn significantly more that those without a qualification, with many earning up to £60,000 in the UK.

  • The PMP not only evaluates your knowledge of project management but also your ability to take critical decisions in difficult situations and your overall experience. This is done by an evaluation of your experience managing specific projects as part of the exam application process.
    • Increase Earnings
    • Better Career Opportunities
    • Improves skills, knowledge & self confidence
    • Shows your Commitment as a Project Manager
    • Greater Recognition from Peers

    check schedule

    • 28 Oct-31 Oct
    • 08AM - 11AM EST
    • MonTueWedThuFri
    • 11 Session (3 Hours Each)
    • USD 699
      USD 599
    • 28 Oct-31 Oct
    • 08AM - 05PM EST
    • SatSun
    • 11 Session (3 Hours Each)
    • USD 699
      USD 599

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    Course Curriculum

    Introduction to the PMBOK

    • Organizational Structures 
    • Project Management Roles 
    • Overview of Projects
    • Project Integration Management
    • Project Management Framework 
    • Project Integration Management Process 
    • Project Plan Development 
    • Project Manager Skills 
    • Project Charter o Project Sponsors 
    • Templates 
    • Tools and Techniques 
    • Sample Exam Questions  

    Professional Responsibility (Ethics)

    • Ensuring Integrity and Professionalism 
    • Project Management Knowledge Base 
    • Enhancing Individual Competence 
    • Balancing Stakeholder Interests 
    • Interactions with Team Members and Stakeholders 
    • Templates o Tools and Techniques 
    • Sample Exam Questions

    Project Scope Management

    • Project Scope Management Processes 
    • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 
    • Project Planning and Cost Controls o Statement of Work (SOW) 
    • Customer Approvals and Reviews 
    • Scope Change Control 
    • Project Management Offices 
    • Templates 
    • Tools and Techniques 
    • Sample Exam Questions 

    Project Time Management

    • Project Time Management Processes
    • Activity List o Project Network Diagram Methods 
    • Duration Estimating Methods o Critical Path 
    • Pert o Schedule Development 
    • Crashing 
    • Fast Tracking 
    • Resource Allocation and Leveling 
    • Slack/Float o Variance Management and Earned Value 
    • Schedule Control 
    • Dependencies o Templates 
    • Tools and Techniques 
    • Sample Exam Questions 

    Project Cost Management

    • Project Cost Management Processes 
    • Resource Requirements o Cost Estimating Methods 
    • Cost Budgeting 
    • Types of Costs o Budgets 
    • Contingency/Management Reserve Funds 
    • Earned Value Concepts 
    • Earned Value Analysis and Management Reporting 
    • Templates 
    • Tools and Techniques 
    • Sample Exam Questions

    Project Quality Management

    • Project Quality Management Processes 
    • Overview of Quality Concepts 
    • Deming/Juran/Crosby 
    • Quality Planning /Assurance/Control
    • ISO Standards o PDCA Model 
    • Cost of Quality 
    • Quality Control Systems 
    • Statistical Process Control 
    • Flowcharting/Control Charts 
    • Templates o Tools and Techniques 
    • Sample Exam Questions  Project Human Resources Management
    • Project Human resource Management Processes o RAM (Responsibility Assignment Matrix) 
    • Motivational Theories 
    • Conflict Management Methods
    Types of Organizational Structures 

    • Roles and Responsibilities 
    • Managing Change Techniques 
    • Performance Evaluations 
    • Leadership Styles and Assessments 
    • Project Team Building Exercise 
    • Project Manager Assessments 
    • Project Manager Successful Skills 
    • Templates 
    • Tools and Techniques 
    • Sample Exam Questions

    Project Communications Management

    • Project Communications Management Processes 
    • Communications Model 
    • Types of Communication 
    • Project Manager Communications 
    • Effective Team Communications and Exercises 
    • Management Styles and Skills 
    • Documentation/Archives 
    • Performance Reporting 
    • Status and Functional Reporting 
    • Lessons Learned 
    • War Room Communications and Presentations 
    • Templates 
    • Tools and Techniques 
    • Sample Exam Questions 

    Project Risk Management

    • Project Risk Management Processes 
    • Risk Defined 
    • Types of Risk 
    • Risk Factors o Risk Identification 
    • Sources of Risk 
    • Risk Quantitative Analysis 
    • Risk Qualitative Analysis 
    • Risk Response Strategies o Prioritizing Risk 
    • Contingency Planning 
    • Workarounds o Expected Value 
    • Decision Trees 
    • Templates o Tools and Techniques 
    • Sample Exam Questions 

    Project Procurement Management

    • Project Procurement Management Processes 
    • Make / Buy Decisions 
    • Elements of a Contract 
    • Contract Types 
    • Spectrum of Risk 
    • Contract Management 
    • Purchasing Cycle 
    • Acquisition Process 
    • Types of Specifications 
    • Negotiations 
    • Contract Administration 
    • Statement of Work / Contracts 
    • Proposals 
    • Templates 
    • Tools and Techniques 
    • Sample Exam Questions

    job role

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    The role of a project manager varies in each sector. Starting from planning, coordinating, implementing and finalizing projects as per specific instructions within specified time frame while maintaining accurate budget- it is entirely the responsibility of a PMP.

    Depending on the industry and specific initiative, project managers may put together teams of personnel from a number of departments, such as information technology, purchasing, product development, marketing or distribution.

    Project management professionals oversee projects from the planning stage through implementation, testing and reporting. They typically choose and manage the project team members, and are ultimately responsible for the project’s success or failure, based on objectives set by project stakeholders. Success may depend on whether the project is completed within the financial budget allocated or the established time frame – or whether it is completed at all. 

    Strong leadership, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, multitasking abilities, including a knack for scheduling and finance, are significant attributes of a project management professional.

    Salary report

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    According to the 7th edition of PMI's Project Management Salary Survey, which polled over 30,000 project managers from 29 different countries, the median salary for a Project Management Practitioner was $92,000. Considering the median household income in the United States is $51,017.

    The average salary for "pmp certified project manager" ranges from approximately $78,730 per year for Program Manager to $89,240 per year for IT Project Manager.

    A trusted survey respondent illustrates the following figures:
    Project Manager:     117,380 salaries reported $80,975 per year
    Program Manager:   38,568 salaries reported   $78,730 per year
    IT Project Manager:  12,657 salaries reported   $89,240 per year

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    The latest PMI-commissioned talent gap analysis by Anderson Economic Group (AEG) points to outstanding opportunities in jobs and career growth for project managers within the 11 countries. By 2027, the market for project management-professionals is expected to grow by 33 percent, or nearly 22 million new jobs.
    By then employers will need nearly 88 million individuals in project management-oriented roles. China and India will represent more than 75 percent of the total project management-oriented employment.

    This report shows that project managers are important contributors to productivity. Talent shortages in the profession can potentially create risks of nearly US$208 billion in GDP over the 10-year period in the 11 countries put under scanner.

    Project management professionals must also continue to invest in ongoing professional development to maintain their credential. It is this pursuance behind the PMP credential which gives it the credibility in the market place.

    job support

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    Project management professional certification is such a recognition in the commercial industry at large that any such certified individual need not worry about further prospects. Trusted salary survey respondents claim a PMP certified individual can expect a 20% higher salary than his uncertified fellow mates in the same ring.

    This itself establishes the fact that a project management professional is a self made man!

    To be very urt and clear, we are here to support your learning and do not make false claims of placing you under big brands post completion of the course. What we definitely suggest is, for any deserving and skilled candidate, recommendations and that extra help would not be subject to request, it is a part of our responsibility.



    A 4-hour Computer-Based Testing (CBT) examination.
     200 multiple-choice questions, of which 25 are considered as pretest questions which do not affect the overall score. 
     Exam fee: US$555 for non-PMI member, US$405 for PMI members 

    Once registered, the eligibility for examination is 12-months.
    You may take the examination up to 3 times within this 12-months period should you not pass in the first attempt. 

    • PMP examination blueprint:
    • Project Initiation – 13%
    • Project Planning – 24%  
    • Project Executing – 30%
    • Project Monitoring and Controlling – 25%
    • Project Closing – 8%
    “To maintain the PMP qualification, 60 professional development units (PDUs) must be earned over a three-year cycle, from activities such as researching, authoring articles, speaking on project management-related topics, or being engaged full-time in project management.”


    How long does it take to get a project management certification?

    Check if you are eligible to take the PMP(R) Certification Examination. There are three requirements, as follows: You should hold a Bachelor's degree or its global equivalent (this is a 4-year degree, not a 3-year degree). You should have 4500 hours of project management experience in not less than 3 years.

    How many questions do I have to get right on the PMP exam?

    What is a passing grade on the PMP exam?

    The PMP exam is a computer based exam conducted in the Prometric centers. The exam has 200 multiple choice questions. Each question has exactly one correct answer. You will get four hours to answer these questions.

    How much does it cost to get project management certification?

    In the past, 61% was published by PMI as the passing score for the PMP Exam (which means that PMP aspirants need to correctly answer 106 or more PMP® questions out of the 175 real questions).

    How long will it take to know the results of the PMP exam?

    PMP Exam Testing Fee for Non-PMI Members: $555 (USD) PMP Exam Testing Fee for PMI Members: $405 (USD) PMI Annual Membership: $139 (USD) Course Preparation Materials: $179 - $2,600 (USD)

    How do I apply for the PMP Exam?

    Once you pass the exam, you can start using the title “PMP” immediately, though you may receive your certificate four weeks later. After passing the PMP exam, within one to two weeks you will receive an email from the PMI offering their congratulations and then you can see your name in the PMI certification registry.

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