Linux Essentials

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Linux- An open source operating system (customizable), with its roots in the early 90s, is not just used, but practiced by users worldwide

Today’s IT market continues to face intermittent upheavals in terms of introducing either newer concepts. So, Linux is the call of the day.

  • Fare well as a System Admin, Security/penetration tester, developer/ programmer or in the field of web management. Make a choice!
  • Make use of the methodology introduced by your predecessors, who learnt through experimenting while handling Linux professionally.
  • A vivid exposure to selected the core sector that has the potential to cater to comprehensive understanding of the learner in real time.
  • A vivid exposure to selected the core sector that has the potential to cater to comprehensive understanding of the learner in real time.
  • Societat Civil Catalana plataformak deitu du manifestazioa, baina talde ugarik egin dute bat deialdiarekin, besteak beste, Falangek. Espainiako gobern
  • Societat Civil Catalana plataformak deitu du manifestazioa, baina talde ugarik egin dute bat deialdiarekin, besteak beste, Falangek. Espainiako gobern
  • Societat Civil Catalana plataformak deitu du manifestazioa, baina talde ugarik egin dute bat deialdiarekin, besteak beste, Falangek. Espainiako gobern

Course Indication


  • This is a fundamental course introducing the concept of Linux. It will serve to be compellingly useful during actual use in labs.
  • Our aim is to enable you to:
    • Navigate the Linux command line
    • Execute Linux commands
    • Understand Open Source Software
    • Establish file system security
    • Run commands as standard and elevated users
    • Identify different Linux distribution
  • According to the trending views, Linux is a hard nut to crack, and people who have been mavericks are the only ones to pull through and fly high by means of consistent research and development. But on the flip side, once learnt, there is no looking back and stressing about the technology becoming dormant or being pulled off the market. A well crafted system that is customizing enabled, has established a strong foothold to survive long amidst sporadic changes.
  • Course Stats

  • The Course duration for Linux Essentials Training happens to be 32 hours in total

  • In case an individual is interested in taking sessions in the weekdays, the duration would be 2-3 hours per day. Whereas, in case of a weekend, it would be 8 hours at a stretch. This  time span is exclusively dedicated to the training imparted by our expert faculty in real time, as well as, short lectures that can be accessed online. Although, there is always a scope for you to clear your doubts in the after-hours at ease. 
  • We definitely are a professional bunch of individuals delivering prompt service, by strictly adhering to time durations, but, we too realize that internalizing concepts demand time that varies with individual level of intelligence. So, we do not turn you down in case you ask for that extra help.
  • Course Outcome

    • Have got introduced to basic open source concepts.
    • Having grown Linux as a habit, rejecting notions of it being complex!
    • Learnt the use of the basics of command line
    • Developed skills to use Linux virtual machine with hands-on lab activities.
    • Mastered the art of Linux commands by means the means of building foundational but progressive knowledge.
  • Linux gives you the opportunity to reach the zenith of the IT industry. But, the plan to walk ahead has to be solely designed by you. Ones you have completed the Linux Essentials training you will be on the greener side, considering the numerous avenues that open up for you professionally. Now whether to take up that lucrative offer or to train yourself further in advanced Linux for a better alternative is your call. Nonetheless, your growth curve is on a rise!
  • Project

  • The project is an integral and essential part of this entire training module.
  • Most importantly, to cut a niche in the IT arena, every techie is expected to have a hands-on experience in every training he undertakes. There is no space for just theoretical knowledge in this cut throat- competitive industry.
  • Thinking from the perspective post your training, you should be in a position to take over complete responsibility at the work place. Also, in case, you pursue further studies, the fundamentals have to be on your finger tips, so that you can glide through further complex concepts. So, we expose you to a deeper practical approach, a kind of simulated version of what you are likely to come across in near future.
  • Course Objectives

  • Understanding the dynamics of Linux as an open source operating system
    • Basics of software licensing
    • Using help commands through navigating help systems  
    • Working proficiency of Linux files and directories 
    • Search and extract data from Linux files
    • Basic understanding of the concept of scripting 
  • Learning the vital network integration of  Linux computer on a Local Area Network 
    • Integrating users and groups on a Linux supported system
    • Managing Licenses 
  • We have been extremely meticulous at designing the curriculum in a way that is easily comprehendible, yet preparing you to handle the most complex situation at the professional level. We ensure instilling in you the confidence to take up the challenges at the workplace from day one.
  • Pre requisites

  • Although the respite is- there are no technical pre requisites. The course is directed to anyone-
    • Interested in a lucrative career in the IT industry.
    • If one wishes to get accustomed to the basic skills of using Linux
    • If interested in gripping the power of command line
    • Willing to pursue Linux Essentials certification from the LPI
    • Down the line if you see yourself capitalizing as Linux Administrator
  • If you are looking for an immediate job opportunity, a Linux certification makes it readily available, considering its ever rising demand. Ones you enroll into the course, professionally, there will be no turning back! All you gotta do is, keep your vision sharp enough to grab the best opportunity!
  • Learn Why

  • Not only the course encourages a thorough learning of Linux through use of both- graphical interface and command line, but also prepares you with an efficient working knowledge of using Linux, measured by industry standards. Learning Linux might not be a cake walk, but ones gripped, it will be a boon for a lifetime considering the windfall demand for Linux professionals across the globe. Every sector today is IT enabled- be it economic, social, medical, etc. has gone digital in every way. Due to this scenario, demand for tech experts are on a rise, especially for those who are trained in something as essential and recession proof as Linux.
  • check schedule

    • 31 Oct-31 Oct
    • 08AM - 11AM EST
    • MonTueWedThuFri
    • 11 Session (3 Hours Each)
    • USD 499
      USD 599
    • 27 Oct-31 Oct
    • 09AM - 05 PM EST
    • SatSun
    • 5 Session (8 Hours Each)
    • USD 499
      USD 599

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    Course Curriculum

    Introduction to Linux

    • Linux Evolution and Popular Operating Systems
    • Major Open Source Applications
    • Understanding Open Source Software and Licensing 3 Using Linux
    • ICT Skills and Working in Linux

    Open Source Applications and Licenses

    • Command Line Basics 
    • Using the Command Line to Get Help 
    • Using Directories and Listing Files 
    • Creating, Moving and Deleting Files

    Using Linux

    • Archiving Files on the Command Line 
    • Searching and Extracting Data from Files 
    • Turning Commands into a script

    Command Line Skills

    • Choosing an Operating System 
    • Understanding Computer Hardware 
    • Where Data is Stored
    • Your Computer on the Network

    Using Command line to get Help

    • Using Help command
    • Running help commands and navigation of the various help systems
    • Learning about the shell environment.

    Working with Files and Directories

    • Determining type of a file
    • Creating a Directory for systematic segregation of data
    • Moving, copying, renaming and removing files and directories
    • Listing contents through scripting

    Archiving and Compression

    • Use of TAR command
    • Compression of archived files within the limited disk space.
    • Decompressing and unarchiving with the help of File Roller
    • Zip and Unzip
    • Archiving Files at the Shell Prompt
    • Collecting multiple data comprising computer files along with metadata and storing it in a single file for portability and easier access

    Pipes, Redirection, and REGEX

    • Use of Grep and Sort Command
    • Use of filter
    • Using Pipes for redirection
    • Understanding standard Output and standard Error

    Basic Scripting

    • Understanding the concept of shell- a commandline interpretor
    • Executing commands by creating text script
    • Basics of file manipulation, program execution, and printing text.

    Managing Packages and Processes

    • Linux Package Management Principles
    • Identifying running processes
    • Using log files
    • Understanding the process hierarchy

    Network Configuration

    • Concept of network features
    • Configuring a network connection
    • Querying DNS client configuration 
    • Validating network configuration

    Managing Users and Groups

    • Learning the basics of used in Protecting/Securing the system
    • Monitoring irregularities due to security lapses
    • Prompt testing and rectification

    Various types of users on a Linux system

    • Root and Standard Users
    • System users
    • Creating users and groups on a Linux system
    • User and group commands
    • User IDs

    Ownership and Permissions 16 Special Permissions, Links and File Locations

    • Understanding and manipulating file permissions and ownership settings.
    • File/directory permissions and owners

    job role

    Foundation course will carve a path for you to excel in the long run as an

    • Server Administrator
    • Programmer
    • Developer
    • Server and Systems Engineer
    • Cyber Security Specialist
    • Systems Engineer Advisor 
    • Cloud Support Engineer
    • Site Reliability Engineer

    You name it, and you have it!

    Training in Linux Essentials makes you a jack of all trades! You are t showered by a plethora of career choices, each of which will not be any less lucrative than the other. Glimpses of a few are - foremost, you can rule as system admin; programming, designing, web management/development demands getting trained in basics of Linux before you go ahead with any other advanced certifications. Security/penetration testing is another area of scope for you.

    If you are game to make a mark in the Tech industry and earn some good bucks, be rest assured, Linux provides those extra brownie points!

    Salary report

    Linux makes a statement for an IT professional!

    As per the random survey of a renowned consultancy lead by certified Compensation Professionals, we got an access to the following optimistic figures that you can look up to, on completion of the curriculum. The average salary ranges from 60,000-90,000$ gross.

    Systems Administrator: 62,510 salaries reported   $75,420 per year

    Administrator :  41,405 salaries reported   $69,667 per year

    Senior Systems Administrator:   11,213 salaries reported  $91,306 per year

    Unix Administrator:    3,103 salaries reported     $92,519 per year

    Do not go by our numbers, follow your conviction! Make a thorough study of the market, talk it out with our experts, discuss with acquaintances. Leave no stone unturned to check whether we are factually correct or not. For sure, you will make the best choice after careful deliberation.

    Societat Civil Catalana plataformak deitu du manifestazioa, baina talde

    It is not difficult to gauge the effectiveness of Linux in IT, when we are faced with amazing stats like 94% of world’s supercomputers, most servers with access to internet, global trade foundations and a zillion android devices use the cutting edge proficiency of Linux. So, in such a scenario joining the bandwagon will never be that bad a choice!

    Linux powers a vast majority of the web servers and the apps you might be using right now! Some fascinating names happens to be Facebook, Google, Wikipedia and Pinterest. So, invariably getting trained in this ground breaking operating system can definitely add quite a few feathers to your cap!

    job support

    Societat Civil Catalana plataformak deitu du manifestazioa, baina talde

    Simultaneously, besides training you in the best professional manner possible and channeling the access to live examples from the industry, we provide you with prospective job recommendations, which is up to your efficiency to capitalize on. 

    It will be practically farce if any training institute, such as ours, claim to provide you with job opportunities as soon as you complete the training session. This happens for the very reason that- we are an open platform, enabling anyone who wishes to learn, pursue a course they wish to. There is no prior filtering of candidates. It is only after course completion, that we can assess the ability of a candidate. And, have faith, if you deserve and qualify our levels of expertise, we will be the first to do the utmost to help you figure out a ground for yourself.



    On successful completion of the Linux Essentials training module, you will be certified by us as a Linux essential professional, enabling you to opt for immediate joining in the entry level of the IT industry.

    Although the basic aim is to help students buckle up for the LPI Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate. The Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate exam topics cater to building the perfect foundation before heading for the advanced courses.

    1. The Linux community and the scope of open source
    2. Aspects enhancing the degree of proficiency to handle a Linux system
    3. The power of the command line
    4. The Linux operating system
    5. Security and file permissions


    How to follow the training sessions if it does not suit my routine?

    Let’s end your worries right away! You will be granted complete access to the recorded sessions of the classes you miss.

    Will I receive placement assistance?

    As already mentioned in our Job Support section, we take the onus to train you and groom your professional outlook as per current industry standards. We also recommend you to eminent people in trade provided you live up to our expectations. But, the fact remains, we can take you to the water- cannot make you drink!

    Can I participate in a demo session?

    Unfortunately, keeping in mind quality delivery of services, we permit limited heads to be part of a live session. However, you have an access to the sample recording which is a  simulation of an actual classroom, that helps you measure the interactive spirit of our trainers.

    How can I be sure of the quality of training?

    The practical experience of our distinguished trainers in the industry for a significant amount of time is what guarantees the quality standards of any course by IT Springs. 

    P.S.- In this competitive market, we believe, only the best deserves to be in business. That’s the motto at the core of our initiative to mould talents for the IT industry. Expect the best!

    Is there a refund policy?

    We abide by a policy of 100% refund. 

    The fees have to be paid at the time of enrollment. The provision of refund arises in the occasion, the candidate is willing to withdraw from the course before it commences.

    When can we start?

    The earlier, the better! Enroll rightaway. We will be happy to support you. The course stats section has the dates and timings vividly mentioned. In case you face an inconvenience in following, get in touch with us ASAP!

    Still have some lingering doubts!

    Here to answer your queries 24x7. Shoot an email at or talk to our team at +91 7406 172 172(India) OR  +1 646 767 3754(US).

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