Linux Administration

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Linux Administration training course is mandatory for the system administrators. Linux will be your obedient boss, kicking off your growth curve!

Needless to mention the windfall demand for open source operating geniuses at all times. Considering, the sweeping use of Linux worldwide

  • Currently how many offices in this world run without computers? Not any? Great news! Work wherever you wish to post the Linux Admin training
  • The thing is out there for you to capitalize on after decades of R & D by experts. Be a part of the bandwagon and flaunt it!
  • Learn from contemporaries who already have enjoyed a roll as a Linux Admin! No less than a hands on experience we believe
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance is at the core of the game. Test and try to become an professional, in our simulated set up.
  • Get connected with the connoisseurs of the trade and have a rendexvous to your heart’s content.
  • Be ready for those rigorous practice sessions that eases up the understanding, as well as, exposes you to troubleshooting all by yourself.
  • Assess yourself and develop that self belief before you brush it on the killer faces in the interview board!

Course Indication


  • Coupled up with Linux essentials and advanced administration, we bring into cognizance the concepts of troubleshooting and monitoring. 
  • Professional system Admins invariably require knowledge of Bash Shell scripting/programming, which we very well cater to, post the session on Linux environment. 
  • Slowly and steadily we make you walk through the concepts of subsystems like process and package management, automated scheduling, backup, networking, installation, managing event log files, etc. In order to proficiently  handle operations in a Linux System these are the bare essentials. 
  • To ensure a steep growth curve we deal with CLI commands rather than GUIs.
  • a
  • Course Stats

  • A rigorous 32 hours curriculum demands your complete dedication to come out as an expert to monitor, manage and efficiently operate the system powered by Linux post your training.

  • The course can be opted during the weekdays, with 2-3 hours of session as per curriculum. In case you are already associated with a profession we provide you with the comfortable alternative to have an access to the sessions at ease during the weekend, the catch being – session for 8 hours at a stretch.

  • For professional purposes we have crafted a tight schedule, but, in case you are unable to get the essence of any concept or have issues in following any particular lecture considering it to be fast paced for your understanding, our experts will be happy to clarify your doubts in the after-hours.
  • Course Outcome

  • Rapidly growing market of Linux powered gadgets and electronics have faced the crisis of certified workforce. The demand being at the peak, you can expect to reach incredible heights in career with the additional flexibility to choose your space, rather than being at the disposure of any company.

  • 40 hours of extensive and well crafted training by the mavericks in the industry gears you up with the essentials and advanced skill set you are ready to soar as a professional Linux system administrator, perhaps being the monopoly in your office.

  • You are ready to take a plunge into learning Automation, shell scripting, one additional scripting language, cloud computing and many other well sort after courses in the IT market.
  • Project WorkOut

  • Gripping Linux is not a cake walk, especially when an individual gets trained with the aim of becoming a system admin. Let’s tell you that you get paid for fixing the fault and efficiently manage the set up, so, there is no alternative to a hands-on experience. You have to expose yourself to our simulated environment for practical training through projects allotted to test your skill set.

  • Knowing the concept is not a credential here, it is all about your ability to monitor and troubleshoot. This is the area we focus on in our training module.

  • Explore your abilities by taking the project into serious consideration in order to gain some practical experience.
  • Course Objectives

  • Post completion of the training you will be adept at:
    • Maintaining a computer that uses a UNIX or Linux operating system.
    • Use UNIX/Linux command line (shell) commands to navigate and manage 
    • Install a Linux operating system with a custom partitioning scheme and log in and out of a UNIX/Linux computer system using graphical and command line environments.
  • The responsibility of a system administrator is well demarcated. The ulterior objective is to prepare you to develop a practical approach, rather than loading you with just the technical concepts, which are just good to flaunt your knowledge. When it comes down to actually juggling with the vast set up of systems, you might just fumble. The course is designed in a way to prevent such a malfunctioning.
  • Pre requisites

    • Familiarity with text editors.
    • Working knowledge of Bash scripting
    • Knowledge of the basic components of Linux.
    • Basic knowledge of Linux, including installing Linux and using the command line is helpful but not required. 
  • An eye for detail coupled with the inclination to apply theoretical learning in real time through successful completion of the allotted project.
  • Anyone interested in brushing up practical Linux system administration skills, or looking for preparation for the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator exam.
  • The technical prerequisites is minimal. But, the spirit of cracking a hard nut, as Linux is termed in IT, has to be invariably present in the individual enrolling to get trained- mostly with the intention of earning good bucks!
  • Learn Why

  • Linux, as an open source operating system with the additional feature of customizing as per the user need, has been an effective instrument in IT industry, claiming pelf, power and position. It has cut out a niche for itself considering the widespread usage in practically all electronic gadgets you can name at a first thought. 
  • Due to incredible advancement since its inception in the 1990s, Linux has witnessed a crazy rush of people hell bent on capitalizing on it. It is a different fact altogether that there is a vast difference between willingness and ability! In spite of expecting a huge workforce operating Linux professionally, to our amazement the number is scanty! Thus, the statement itself adds to the benefit of getting trained in Linux..and trust us there will be no looking back.
  • check schedule

    • 31 Oct-31 Oct
    • 08AM - 11AM EST
    • MonTueWedThuFri
    • 11 Session (3 Hours Each)
    • USD 599
      USD 499
    • 31 Oct-31 Oct
    • 08AM - 11AM EST
    • SatSun
    • 5 Session (3 Hours Each)
    • USD 599
      USD 499

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    Course Curriculum

    Introduction to Linux:

    • History of Linux
    • Layered Architecture
    • Kernel and shell
    • Common Unix Flavors
    • System Boot Up
    • Virtual Consoles

    Linux Fundamentals

    • Introduction to Bash Shell
    • Getting started- Shell Prompts
    • Linux Command- Arguments and Options
    • Basic commands such as; pwd, date, Id, uname, who, whereis,tty
    • Getting help on commands
    • Managing files and directories
    • Hard Link and Soft Link
    • edit text
    • find command
    • Files and directories search
    • Filters- tee,wc,tr,cut,sort,head,tail, more,less,grep
    • File system command- df & du
    • Awk programming language
    • Working with run levels
    • Shutting the system down
    • Working with run levels
    • System directories

    User Management

    • User and Group concepts
    • Creating, modifying, deleting User as well as Group accounts
    • Password aging
    • Default user files
    • su ommand- switch between users
    • Understanding file directory
    • Permissions
    • chown & chgrp
    • umask command

    Process Management

    • Viewing processes
    • Process tree & process status- ps&pstree commands
    • Identifying System & Daemon Processes
    • Foreground and Background Processes
    • Tuning Process Scheduling
    • nice & renice commands
    • Killing / Terminating a Processes
    • Max Processes per User – ulimit

    Software Package Mnagement

    • Software repositories
    • Redhat vs Dedbian
    • Redhat tools- rpm & yum
    • Debian tools- dpkg & apt-get

    Bash Shell Scripting

    • Bash Shell
    • Configuration Script
    • Shell variables
    • Environment Variables
    • Set &unset of variables
    • Exporting Variables
    • Configuring Shell
    • Exit status of a command
    • cat command
    • standard files
    • I/O Redirection
    • Sample shell script
    • Sample shewll script
    • Executing a shell script
    • Passing parameters to shell script
    • Arithmetic operations
    • Logical operations
    • Conditional statements
    • Iterative statements
    • Case statements
    • Debugging Shell scripts

    Linux/Unix Bachup Tool

    • Backup through tar/ cpio/ dd commands
    • Recovering Single/ multiple files

    Linux/Unix Networking

    • IPv4 Fundamentals
    • TCP/UDP fundamentals
    • Linux Network Interfaces
    • Services & Ports
    • ping,telnet,ssh,netstat tool

    Job Scheduling

    • Scheduling jobs through at & cron
    • Managing access permissions to at & cron utilities
    • cron tab file format

    Performance Monitoring and Trouble Shooting

    • System Status- I/O activity
    • System Status
    • Resource Usage- Trends
    • top, iostat, vmstat, sar commands
    • Troubleshooting Methods
    • Process profiling
    • Process- Syscall, Tracing-strace
    • Process- Libcall, Tracing-ltrace
    • Process Kernel/User Space time check
    • FileSystem corruption and recovery

    job role

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    A system admin is solely and wholly accountable for the smooth running of a large scale system without leaving an iota of scope for a crash
    Following are the crisp description of the responsibility as system admin:

    • Take into cognizance configuration management solutions
    • Design infrastructure monitoring and reporting tools
    • Craft test automation structures with the cooperation with the entire  team dedicating themselves to system administration.
    • Ensuring optimal performance and along with productive outcome operating within available infrastructure by developing new tools.

    For starters, a System Administrator is responsible for effective installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of systems infrastructure- comprising hardware, software, and other related wings.

    Monitoring the infrastructure, automate workflow along with designing of overall production system architectures, happens to be the integral role of a system admin.

    Salary report

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    Being the best and one of its kinds operating system for web servers, cloud computing, smart phones and consumer electronics, Linux has witnessed windfall demand since its professional entry in the IT arena. Due to its rapid incorporation, a huge shortage of Linux system administrators has been reported over the years. According to the 2015 Linux Jobs Report, "the unstoppable Linux job market shows no sign of slowing down."

    The median annual Systems Administrator salary is $75,915, as of August 03, 2017, with a range usually between $66,290-$85,496, however this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors.

    A general overview of persisting salaries for system admins in the market as per the random survey by a leading consultancy unit is as follows:

    Systems Administrator  :          62,692 salaries reported $75,419 per year
    Senior Systems Administrator  :   11,249 salaries reported $91,294 per year
    Network Administrator         :   22,432 salaries reported $67,478 per year
    Administrator                 :   41,587 salaries reported $69,647 per year

    Not only is Linux admin training going to be lucrative in terms of the bucks you earn, but also, it will serve you with the opportunity to rank among the selected few techies who daunts to master the art of unconventional!

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    A renowned Job site mentions the following as the basic skill set that should be present in a Linux administrator if he wants to get employed by a prospective company:

    experience in Linux environments and proficient in tasks such as shell scripting, creating cron jobs, analyzing log files, managing user accounts and groups, configuring iptables, and setting up mail services

    Familiarity with web-based technologies, including but not limited to, reverse proxy servers, SSL certificate configuration, three-tier architecture, service oriented architecture, enterprise service bus, http, and differences between browsers 

    So, we see, only a certification does not play the wild card to your dream company. Most of them are not only hiring employers with high flying degrees, but, looking for a long term association with proficient and skilled individuals. Those who have foundational clarity, with a scope to imbibe advanced approaches are the ones the industry craves. It all a simultaneous juggle of mind and hands in engineering! Prepare accordingly.

    job support

    Esta actriz clave del Hollywood moderno ha pasado por Sitges

    Firstly, the aforementioned facts illustrate the demand for skilled Linux Admin professionals. So, consequentially post your training you yourself might surprise us with groundbreaking opportunities that might be knocking your door!

    Besides that incredible optimism, we believe in sourcing the best available talent in the industry as a faculty in IT Spring. At least, this attempt in itself relieves you and us from the anticipation of tough luck during the training itself, ensuring the delivery of the best services for you to become efficient.

    Last but not the least, we do not make you enroll with any false promises of income security ones the course is over, but, ethically we take onus to recom mend your skills to professionals. This makes the journey smooth for both you and us, without the scope for a probable misunderstanding.



    The Linux certification exam validates the efficiency of system administrators and engineers in handling Linux efficiently. You get certified as the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS).

    Using Linux Systems Administration online certification training, both the Admin professionals and the job seekers would make their career dreams come true as the training compellingly serves the most conformity requirements of the embedded systems industry.

    A certification is as essential as a hands on knowledge, acquiring both of which is mandatory for you to join the industry as a professional Linux Administrator.

    A certificate validates your skills at the very outset, post which the company might plough through your real time abilities. So, grab the opportunity to be a part of the bandwagon at the earliest!


    How does this on line course work?

    On enrolling you will be contacted shortly by our counselor to understand your requirement, time availability and your idea about pursuing a particular course.

    On hearing from you we will be tagging you with people sharing common interests. Groups help in giving a competitive edge! Classes commence immediately after. For the curriculum and course stats please refer to respective sections.

    What is the time commitment?

    Do we have to refer to texts books?

    Our course stats section clarifies this doubt of yours. Each course runs for a minimum span of 32 to 40 hours- broken up in modules. Do not worry, our experts are forever ready to answer your doubts even in the afterhours. 

    Can I change my batch?

    Remember we belong to the digitized genre! We believe in online training through live interactive sessions. The course is majorly project based, driven by expert mentors. Relevant study-mat will be available on your dashboard on registration.

    Can we come up with project concepts?

    We serve your suitability. In case you are facing time issues or any other difficulty our counselors do their utmost to help you.

    Do I need a previous experience?

    We encourage the techie in you. Crack your brains to bring out some innovative ideas! Let us know how we can support your brainchild.

    What happens in case I have to discontinue the course under specific circumstances?

    You need not worry about the past. There are ample foundational courses that help you deal with concepts from the very beginning. In case of any relevant experience there is a wide array of possibilities to take your career to the zenith using our advanced training.

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