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The iOS store, the one stop app store for iPhones and iPads is the one of the most popular app stores in the present day world.

The market for iOS is expected to reach a staggering market share of 15% by the end of 2019 with a CAGR of 7.3%, second only to Android play store.

  • There are more than 2.2 million apps on the Appstore, making it the largest app store.
  • With an excess of 130 billion downloads, the programmers who have published their apps on the app store have earned more than 6 billion dollars until
  • Since Apple phones are the most awaited devices on the planet, iOS apps are never going out of demand for the foreseeable future.
  • Apple has created its own programming language in order to make it easier for programmers to create apps for iOS.
  • After the course is finished the student is expected to create an app for iOS using the concepts studied.
  • Assignments and mock tests are provided by us on a regular basis.
  • An iOS developer certificate is provided to the students after their completion of the course.

Course Indication


  • Apple’s iOS is beyond a doubt the most innovative operating system for mobile devices, and its constant innovation pushes it to make apps that are versatile, smooth and have amazing user interfaces. The developers are smart, and with their out of the box thinking develop cool native applications for iOS. Here in this course we start right from the beginning, with familiarizing you with the concepts of Objective-C, design patterns and various features, and the fundamentals of writing the code which are the most important part of building an iOS app.
  • You will learn the language that an iOS Developer uses and be a professional developer by the end if this course!
  • Course Stats

  • The course duration is of 48 hours and each lecture extends for up to 3 hours. The project details and statements are provided to you by your mentor and provide a comprehensive revision of the whole course.
  • Course Outcome

  • All the basic and advanced concepts necessary for any professional in the industry are covered in this course in a complete manner. The project is based on real life case studies and thus solves a real life problem, providing you with the hands on experience necessary for your confidence as a fresher.
  • Project

  • The project statement at the end of the course will be provided by the mentor to all the students.
  • Course Objectives

  • After completing the iOS app development course here with us, you will easily be able to- 
    Learn the newly introduced Swift programming language and all the concepts associated with it. 
    Harness the power of features like optionals and closures in the Swift language. 
    Swift’s Out of Box functionality and how to create extensions to extend this functionality. 
    Increasing the code’s flexibility and power using Generics. 
    More about the new initializer pattern in Swift language. 
    Deeper understanding of iCloud & Core Data Framework
    How to work with Autolayouts in order to fit screens of all sizes. 
    Working on a real life project in order to gain business insight.
  • Pre-Requisites

  • Since it is an introductory course, there are no pre-requisites. All the concepts of Swift language will be started from scratch. Basic computer skills are more than enough.
  • Learn Why

  • Since the smartphone market is one of the fastest growing markets currently, the mobile applications are in great use today which creates a huge demand for mobile developers. The iOS App store is a market where you can sell your brilliant apps for lucrative pricing, thanks to the brilliance of iOS technology. Apple encourages the developers to take up iOS development. With just 99 dollars per year, one can get access to Apple’s developer program and most of the development tools are freely available as well.
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    • 29 Jul-03 Aug
    • 08AM - 11AM EST
    • MonTueWedThuFri
    • 11 Session(3 Hours Each)
    • USD 21000
      USD 23000
    • 07 Aug-16 Aug
    • 08AM - 5PM EST
    • SatSun
    • 5 Session(8 Hours Each)
    • USD 21000
      USD 23000

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    Course Curriculum

    An Overview of iOS App Development

    An insight into Mac OS
    More about system preferences 
    iOS Keychain access 
    Xcode installation
    How to set up the development environment 
    Menu in Xcode
    The basic components of the environment 
    Navigations in iOS
    How to determine the minimum SDK version 
    Build Settings in the iOS environment 
    Certificates in iOS

    The Swift language- An Introduction

    Programming basics using Swift language 
    Object Oriented Programming Concepts 
    Frameworks in the Swift language 
    Interface Builder in the Swift language 
    Variables and Constants in the Swift environment 
    Swift operators 
    Collections in Swift 
    Control Flow 
    Introduction to Xcode 7
    First app using Swift 2.0

    More about Swift- Part 1

    Getting started with the Swift playground 
    Struct and classes in Swift
    Functions in swift 
    Closures in Swift
    Enumerations in Swift
    Using Properties
    Using Subscripts
    How to initialize and deinitialize 

    More about Swift - Part 2

    Concpets of Optional Chaining
    How to handle errors in Swift 
    Type Casting in Swift 
    Extensions and protocols 
    Swift Generics

    Xcode- A Basic Introduction

    Divulging further into Xcode 
    Lifecycle of an iOS application 
    Apple Human Interface Design Guidelines

    Creating your first app- A Calculator

    A deeper understanding of the iOS simulator features 
    How to create a calculator app 
    How to debug your calculator application

    An Overview of iOS stroyboard

    Knowing about the iOS storyboard
    Segues and Transition types in detail
    How to create a Multi View Controller Application
    Data transfer between view controllers 
    A basic overview of UI NavigationController

    More about Autolayout and User Interface

    What is Autolayout in iOS app development?
    SizeClasses in Swift 
    UITableView & UITableViewController in the iOS development environment 
    More about UITableView Customization
    iOS UICollectionVie

    Data Storage in iOS App Development

    Data Storage introduction and implementation in the app
    Usage of different frameworks for data persistence 
    Core Data and Sqlite3 and how to work with them

    Additional features like Pull to Refresh and Overview of iOS 9

    How to add pull to refresh functionality in UITableView. 
    iOS 9 UIStackView Overview 
    Methods of screen orientation

    Concepts of Core Animation and MapView

    How to use iOS Core animation 
    UIKit Dynamics functionalities 
    Introduction to iOS MapKit Framework
    MapView Markers/ Custom markers

    Adding Web services in App

    Network Operations and Web Services- A Basic Introduction 
    Consuming Rest Endpoints
    JSON and how to parse data in JSON

    Introduction to Image Loading and Caching

    Methods to load images and cache properties

    Multi Language Support

    How to add features like multi language support 
    About the Apple Developer Program
    Provisioning Profile
    More about certificates and registering devices

    Introduction to Threads in iOS development

    An overview of threads 
    Concepts of multithreading and concurrency 
    Methods to process Multiple Requests at the same time.

    Push Notifications in iOS

    • Address Book API
    • Introduction to Push Notifications 

    Introduction to Apple Watch and Simulator

    An Overview of Apple watch 
    How to set up the coding environment and more about the watch simulator 
    How to run apps on Apple watch/Simulator

    Adding in-App purchases

    Overview of in-App Purchases 
    The various types of products 
    A deeper understanding of which type is best suited for your in-app purchase

    Third Party Integration

    How to integrate your app with Facebook and Google+

    Introduction to Admob and Analytics

    How to integrate admob and analytics

    job role

    Los abogados de la Generalitat de Cataluña han presentado este sábado una

    There are loads of job titles that require the in-depth knowledge of the iOS App Development and the fabulous functionalities. Software Developer, Software Manager, iOS App Developer

    Salary report

    Los abogados de la Generalitat de Cataluña han presentado este sábado una

    A software professional who knows how to develop iOS applications using Swift can earn an average salary of 115,000 dollars a year. Seeing the rise in the demand for iOS professionals the figure is expected to increase manifold in the coming years.

    Apps driven by GPS and Augmented Reality

    The small and medium sized companies are increasingly preferring location based movbile app development. This is useful as it is easier to provide consumers with information about products and services, reviews and comparison of prices used extensively in case of mobile commerce. Pokemon Go in 2016 was the main driver for GPS based mobile application and development , and this technology is increasingly being adapted for success in retail and automation. The developers of app for iOS are using a combination of Augmented Reality and GPS to create the best possible user experience. 3D games is another area where developers are using the advancements of GPS technology to the fullest. However, with more apps using the GPS technology, security is the main concern for the developers and the users.

    job support

    Los abogados de la Generalitat de Cataluña han presentado este sábado una

    Around one third of the mobile talent in the country is employed by the IT services and software industry, with internet and e-commerce sectors a close second and third, all paying highly lucrative salaries.



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    How will be training be helpful in my career?

    This course is more than sufficient for you to make a career in iOS app development. With more than 2 projects completed over the course of the training, you will have an amazing portfolio to show the recruiters and make you highly employable.

    What is the recommended internet speed to access the videos smoothly?

    1 Mbps is the optimal speed that is required. However, marginally lower bandwidth will also be able to run the videos without any lag.

    What are the things that I need for this course?

    All you need is a Mac machine and a decent internet connection to get started with the course.

    Apart from the classes, how much extra time do I need to spend for the course?

    A minimum of 3 hours per day is necessary to excel in this course, apart from regularly attending the classes.

    What is the refund policy for this course?

    In case you want to cancel your enrolment, it should be done within 48 hours of the initial payment. The refunds are processed within 30 days once they have been processed by us. So we request you to be patient with it. The money will automatically be reflected in your bank account.

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