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German is the only official language of Germany, Austria, 17 cantons of Switzerland and Liechtenstein

German is the native language of more than 100 million people in Europe

  • German is spoken as a foreign language by over 75 million people worldwide.
  • French and German are offered by 62% of responding agents.
  • German language experts for outsourcing are hired by company such as HP, Oracle, Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Thomson, GE etc.
  • German words are derived from Latin and Greek, and fewer are borrowed from French and English
  • Similar to English, For example, the English chin is Kinn in German. Water becomes Wasser and father turns into Vater. Not so hard after all, is it?
  • At the end of this course, students will be given project where student has to utilize best of his/her language skills
  • Track of progress through regular assignment and mock test

Course Indication


  • Languages have gained popularisation ever since Globalisation. Speaking many languages adds an extra edge to people working in globalised environment. Germany having significant presence in European landmass makes German a popular and sought - after language German is also spoken in border of Poland, France, Denmark, Netherlands

  • Currently more people are learning German than Spanish, despite the enormous number of Spanish native speakers around the world Germany is ranked as the tenth best country in the world for English proficiency, which means it comes above other major European nations like France, Spain and Italy, but still lags behind many northern European countries. Germany is Europe’s largest economy (3rd largest in the world), and currently the world’s 2nd largest exporter of goods (after China and before the U.S.). It is the 4th largest foreign investor in the U.S., with German companies supporting about 570,000 jobs here. Job applicants with knowledge of German are highly sought after by these companies in an increasingly global market.
  • Course Indication

  • Whether you are new to German or are too busy for a language class, or just need “ich liebe Deutschland” feeling before a vacation or business trip, this is the right course you have landed on. A Good way to Introduce yourself in situation: while introducing yourself, at a hotel or in a café or while traveling. You will be supported step by step through expressions, grammar and pronunciation. It covers all four basic skills and you can leverage the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace. Grammar and vocabulary are explained through texts and dialogues based on everyday situations such as talking about interests and hobbies, daily routines to ordering food in a restaurant and to asking something in German. The course is based on Common European Framework of Reference for Languages level A1.1
  • Course Stats

  • Duration of the course is 40-50 days. Student are required to devote 3-4 hrs. per day for significant benefit. Student can view course as per their convenience and learn at their own pace. However, to move to next lesson student would require to complete the above lesson first. Project is also added to give student a real - time problem statement in today's scenario. At the end of course, exam to ensure student was efficient and regular with the curriculum. Even if student had missed live session, he/she can cope up later. Our mentors will help to solve query within minutes. Also, a Certificate will be provided stating that he/she has successfully completed course.
  • Course Outcome

  • The language is expressed in an interactive and fun way so that you can easily use what you have learned to communicate in German effectively.
    Grammatical explanations as simple and easy to allow you to progress at a slow and steady pace and also build your vocabulary along with understand the basic of language which will also build up your confidence. With the help of this course student will be able to,
    • Greet and introduce in German
    • Communicate Talk about your daily routine such as discussing about weather
    • Make appointments and attend meetings
    • Write, revise and proofread short texts in German
    • Pronounce words correctly
    • Use German grammar with ease and fluency 


  • Project at the end will be provided by mentors to student. Just to evaluate how well student was able to connect with the course and has used in his/her daily life for communication purpose. Project will be time bounded. We at IT Springs ensure that student can get full benefit in terms of reading, listening, speaking, writing in language course. Hence, Project will have situation where student has to use different tenses or words in German. After Completion of Project, student will be provided with answer key. To give student a chance to understand his/her mistake.
  • Course Objective

  • This course is specific for students who have no previous knowledge of German and want to improve their language level in a short amount of time. The course also serves as a convenient guide to German grammar with clear and well explained and highlighted practice activities. The main objective of this course is to,
    • Acquire skills to communicate in everyday situations at a German speaking country
    • communicate spontaneously to speak your feelings
    • be Expert in conversations and discussion
    • develop your skills such as reading, speaking, listening, writing
    • pronounce German words like native speakers
    • use German grammar with ease and fluency


  • There is no prerequisite for following this course. All the instructions provided will be in English. If you don’t know English, we recommend you to go through our English Course First. Subtitles will be attached in video for language writing part. For pronunciation audio sound will be available. For clear pronunciation of words, we recommend you to attach earphones. Also, practice words to know how to actually pronounce them. A laptop with stable internet connection with minimum of 1Mbps bandwidth for the course. Course will be helpful for those who are looking to make career in foreign language course.
  • Learn Why

  • Across the globe millions of people are learning German. Here are some reasons:

  • Business Growth:  If you’re a company with German business partners then learning their native language will help you establish an effective communication with them. This would certainly improve your business relations.

  • Tourism and Hospitality: Learning German can help guides and staff from tourism and hospitality to look after people from Germany or other countries.

  • Research: Germany is the third largest contributor in global scientific research which makes German the second most widely used scientific language.

  • Communication: Global media and IT platform has led to a rise in need of multilingual writers and translators. A lot of books are published in German and hundreds of websites use German for writing content.
  • Culture: Learning German can give your insight to culture, tradition, custom, music, art and philosophy of people in German speaking countries.

  • Study/work abroad: Learning German can help you if you’re planning to study or work in a German speaking country.
    Job Opportunities: Knowing German language will open up job opportunities in the field of Mass media, communication, Information Technology, Outsourcing
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    • 31 Oct-31 Oct
    • 08AM - 11AM EST
    • MonTueWedThuFri
    • 11 Session (3 Hours Each)
    • USD 699
      USD 599
    • 31 Oct-31 Oct
    • 09AM - 5PM EST
    • SatSun
    • 5 Session (8 Hours Each)
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    Course Curriculum

    Stunned 01 - Lesson 01

    • Herzlich willkommen - Welcome!
    • Deutschlandkarte - Map of Germany
    • Das Alphabet - The alphabet
    • Musik - Music (Die fantastischen Vier - MfG)
    • Erste Wörter - First words 
    • Das Geschlecht - The gender
    • Berliner Radiosender - Berlin radio stations

    Stunde 02 - Lesson 02

    • Personalpronomen - Personal pronouns 
    • Regelmäßige Verben - Regular verbs 
    • Regelmäßige Verben (Übung) - Regular verbs (exercise)
    • Formell und informell - Formal and informal
    • Wie geht es dir? - How are you?
    • Musik - Music (Echtzeit - Es geht mir gut)

    Stunde 03 - Lesson 03

    • Regelmäßige Verben (Übung) - Regular verbs (exercise)

    Stunde 04 - Lesson 04

    • Der Nominativ (Übung) - The nominative (exercise) 
    • Der Nominativ (Übung) - The nominative (exercise) 
    • Regelmäßige Verben (Übung) - Regular verbs (exercise) 
    • Die Verben "sein" und "haben" - The verbs "to be" and "to have" 
    • Fragen stellen - Asking questions 
    • Die Zahlen von 1 bis 10 - The numbers from 1 to 10
    • Article-
    • Die Geburtstagsparty
    • Zwei Minuten...

    Stunde 05 - Lesson 05

    • Etwas gern machen - To like to do something
    • Personen vorstellen (Texte) –Showing the person (texts) 
    • Personen vorstellen (Übung) -Showing  the person (exercise) 
    • Fragepronomen - Question pronouns 
    • Musik - Music (Sesamstraße - Intro) 

    Stunde 06 - Lesson 06

    • Personen vorstellen (Übung) - Presenting people (exercise) 
    • Zahlen - Numbers 
    • Wie spät ist es? - What time is it? 
    • Vokabeltest (Regelmäßige Verben) - Vocabulary test (regular verbs)
    • Article -
    • Die Uhrzeiten
    • Wie viel kostet das?
    • Was ist das?

    Stunde 07 - Lesson 07

    • Fragen stellen (Übung) - Asking questions (exercise) 
    • Der Nominativ (Übung) - The nominative (exercise) 
    • Buchstabieren (Übung) - Spelling (exercise)

    Stunde 08 - Lesson 08

    • Fragen stellen (Übung) - Asking questions (exercise) 
    • Musik - Music (2raumwohnung - Ich weiß, warum) 
    • Modalverben - Modal verbs
    • Modalverb "müssen" (Übung) - Modal verb "müssen" (exercise) 
    • Article -
    • Brasilianische Musik
    • Die vegetarische Pizza
    • Sport machen

    Stunde 09 - Lesson 09

    • Formulare ausfüllen - Filling in forms 
    • Der Nominativ (Übung) - The nominative (exercise) 
    • Lottozahlen - Lottery numbers 
    • Rechnen – Calculating

    Stunde 10 - Lesson 10

    • Fragen stellen (Übung) - Asking questions (exercise) 
    • Der Nominativ (Übersetzungen) - The nominative (translations) 
    • Der Akkusativ - The accusative 
    • Nominativ & Akkusativ (Übung) - Nominative & accusative (exercise) 
    • Nominativ & Akkusativ (Übersicht) - Nominative & accusative (Übersicht) 
    • Nominativ & Akkusativ (Übung) - Nominative & accusative (exercise)  
    • Article -  9-10

    job role

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo

    Knowing German language will open up job opportunities in the field of Mass media, communication, Information Technology, Outsourcing 

    German Language Trainer: You can work as a language trainer with institutes and colleges.
    MNCs and Government Organizations: Work for both private and Government MNC as a translator and interpreter.
    Tourism Industry: You can serve as a tour guide for German tourists.
    Air Hostess: You can work as an air hostess in international airlines.
    Hospitality industry: You can work as guest relations executive at hospitality management centers.
    Media: Work as a content writer for publishing content in media or  websites.
    Public Relations – Work as a representative with public relation agencies

    Salary report

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo

    Reports from pay scale and various other source claim an average of,    
    German Translator: A German Translator earns an average salary of INR 407,792 per year
    Tour Guide: An average ranging from 10 euro to 14-euro hourly 
    Flight Attendant: The average salary for a Flight Attendant is Rs 409,756 per year.
    Content Writer: An average of 2444-euro monthly if you are working with established firm.
    Public Relation: The average salary for a Public Relations (PR) Manager is €35,940 per year. 

    German makes up huge part of internet

    Of course, in terms of absolute numbers .de takes second place to .com which is way ahead of everything else. Second place in the whole worldwide web? Not bad at all, Germany, not bad at all.

    German Companies are global leaders.
    German capital Berlin is turning into a hub for innovative startups. Some go so far as to dub it “the Silicon Valley of Europe.” As a consequence, knowing German has the potential to greatly enhance your career opportunities.

    German institute provide top class education
    the German system for higher education provided a number of universities with a primarily low or non - existent tuition fee. Learning German to save on student loan sounds like a pretty good deal of investment.

    job support

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo

    German language experts for outsourcing are hired by company such as HP, Oracle, Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Thomson, GE etc. 
    Companies with strong German association, like Mercedes, Volkswagen, Siemens are offering jobs to students who have the skills of German language.

    • 500+ jobs at with 0-year experience in German
    • 3000+ jobs on
    Apart from providing world class support in terms of learning and knowledge, we also provide an array of opportunities to tap the correct job roles. We have a number of blogs which are regularly updated with the latest trends and from there, you may pick up the best suited roles, apply for the same and get a job! We also provide regular updates, make you industry ready and help you with the application processes. We are highly dedicated to helping you achieve your goals post completion of this course and our mentors guide you wherever and however possible.



    This is basically language course. Course is designed keeping in mind to provide various job opportunities at a beginner level. At the end of course, student will have to clear language exam which included writing, listening part. Also, Certificate of Completion will be provided. This exam will follow paper structure of A1 level, to help student get insight of A1 language course.

    Course is designed at best in all four skills reading, listening, speaking, writing Course will help you to make German as your daily part of communication. It will help you to bring job opportunities at your door step. 


    If I cancel my enrolment do I get a refund?

    Yes. You receive a refund only if you cancel the enrolment within 48 hours of the time that the payment is done. Anything further than that would not be entertained by us for any reason whatsoever. The money will be refunded into your bank account within 30 days of the cancel request.

    What are the benefits of language course at ITSpring?

    How to get entry into this course?

    Language course at ITSprings offers fun and interactive way of learning. About 10 lessons and 100 of words to learn from along with 24hours assistance. Also, Additional article to practice reading and speaking skills

    What if I Don’t give my assignments and mock test on due time?

    Procedure is three steps click Firstly click on Enrol Now and after that select your schedule and then make payment and receipt for the same will be provided on your registered mail.

    Can I extend the access period?

    Until and Unless Assignment and mock test are not submitted the student would not be able to give exam and hence completion certificate would not be provided by ITSprings.

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