Email Etiquette

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Understanding the fine divide that separates it from verbal communication and getting accustomed to the tone of conveying without immediate feedback

The digitization boom has revolutionized corporate communication, making it imperative for executives in every organization

  • Considering the brevity of statements, certain ground rules have evolved over the years to make email communication effective like- format, length
  • Digital communication- non verbal has been developing with the onset of computers and has already undergone a vast transition with short messaging
  • The art of email communication can only be perfected through learning of the basic rules, and tireless practice of the structures, formats fitting
  • A group of practitioners and industry specialists support you with their esteemed inputs and a reserve of documents, including real time
  • Experienced supervisors guide you through the practice sessions providing you the best hands on approach
  • This is the best way to assess the skills you have imbibed through this professional training, leaving you with the confidence to handle major issues
  • Real time interaction with experts helps in clearing lingering doubts about specific modules of the training, which can be talked out and resolved

Course Indication


  • Using right structural format
    Learning the art of writing salutation for emails under each new subject
    Maintaining Brevity by making it fit into one screen
    Responding within the interval as would have been in case of a phone call
    Run spell checks, look for grammatical errors and putting right punctuations tone- 
    Using capital letters as require
    Format the email in plain text rather than HTML
    Using neutral fonts
    Proper use of bullets to state points
  • Subjective Content:
  • Use of positive tone
    Avoiding usage of negative prefixes at the beginning of a sentence
    Contractions -don’t, can’t, etc., work  to tone down formality
    Avoiding symbols to convey emotion
  • Course Stats

  • A rigorous 32 hours curriculum demands your complete dedication to come out as an expert to monitor, manage and efficiently operate the system powered by Linux post your training.
  • The course can be opted during the weekdays, with 2-3 hours of session as per curriculum. In case you are already associated with a profession we provide you with the comfortable alternative to have an access to the sessions at ease during the weekend, the catch being – session for 8 hours at a stretch.
  • Course Outcome

  • In order to avoid confusion, miscommunication, and uncertainty, while boosting professional conduct mastering email etiquette is an imperative. In the field of corporate communication where we cannot leave our deals to chance, we need to learn the guidelines rather than regretting post the action is completed, to avoid a communication breach.
  • Simple issues demand clarity of language and precise interpretation supported by timely conveyance of required information in comprehensive language. The supported elements include effective subject lines, lucid body and correct grammar.
  • Email etiquette training meets the aforementioned nitty-gritties, telling a lot about your personality and professionalism from miles apart, through the words that greet the person on the other end, creating a healthy atmosphere for perfect communication beyond inhibitions.
  • Project

  • We assign a project in line and standards of the trending market to each candidate, which happens to be the yardstick to measure the skill development post completion of sessions conducted by our experts. The project exposes an individual to a real time situation. It also enhances the ability to sharpen the skill to communicate like a pro in the professional space. The project is supervised and thoroughly guided by our experts. On submission a detailed report and analysis is provided in order to rectify concepts and provide solutions and clarifications to lingering doubts.
  • Course Objectives

    • Developing awareness of the looming insecurities of  digital communication
    • Effectively mastering email structures directed towards clear communication
    • Learning the art of writing for the reader- effective subject lines toy brief but comprehendible body
    • Make the most out of 'email estate'
    • Grouping and segregating the email recipients
    • Learning to obey crucial principles and thumb rules to ensure clarity and professional efficacy
    • Perfecting grammatical usages which essentially creates an impression
    • Formatting messages to avoid abbreviations for better readability
    • Learning to deliver correct message by proof reading in order to avoid sender’s regret
    • Understand the concept of 'netiquette'
    • Understanding the functionalities of the mailbox and follow certain principles for ensuring smooth conversation

    Pre requisites

  • There is no clearly etched requirement to learn email etiquette except the flawless knowledge of the working language as suited to the area of operation. The language opted by the candidate should be enriched, unlike the colloquial tongue used in casual day to day conversation. Be it any language, email communication should be in lines and standards of a mature exchange of words and expressions.
  • Learn Why

  • In this age of fast changing technology, email is the preferred considered to be one of the most efficient form of business communication.  Yet many organizations overlook the etiquette framework that should be implemented when using this very important business communications tool.

  • The Email Etiquette training course provides you with the skills and techniques necessary for managing emails, creating and managing groups, writing professionally with effective email structures, creating signatures and templates, etc.  Learning how to draft emails in a clear and concise manner diluting the remotest scope of ambiguity and misinterpretation by co-workers and esteemed clients who bring business to the company is the underlying objective.
  • check schedule

    • 30 Nov-30 Nov
    • 08AM - 11AM EST
    • MonTueWedThuFri
    • 12 Session(3 Hours Each)
    • USD 399
      USD 499
    • 30 Nov-30 Nov
    • 09AM - 5PM EST
    • SatSun
    • 8 Session(8 Hours Each)
    • USD 399
      USD 499

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    Course Curriculum

    Focus on fundamentals

    • E-mails directed with a purpose: strategizing effective communication to avoid misinterpretation
    • Deciding on whether certain communications can be conveyed through email
    • effective business correspondence by following risp guidelines of clarity and precision
    • Disclaimers: why and how to convey through an email
    • Understanding the importance of filling in the “To” bar last
    • All laws bringing into its ambit- copyright, defamation, discrimination and other forms of written communication apply to email.
    • Never include personal or financial info in an Email

    Sending the right message

    • Establishing the importance of the subject line with focus on 3 things an email should convey the reader
    • Whether to go ahead with a warm salutation and greetings or just get right to the point?
    • Use of Emoticons: deciding on its credibility in a business environment or omitting it as casual nonsense
    • Projecting professionalism in the draft
    • Deciding upon the apt e-mail address that reflects certain professional ethics

    Art of avoiding common errors

    • Deciding upon marking the right people in an email for an effective result
    • Detecting common mistakes in business correspondence
    • Spell-checking, checking for grammatical errors and proofreading: significant e-mail tools, often considered trivial
    • Expressing in a concise and comprehensive fashion: simple ways to avoid unnecessary filler from your e-mails
    • Sorting out the Privacy concern in e-mail communication: how to deal

    Checking your tone

    • The importance of learning the art to use correct language choices to fetch positive reader responses
    • Internalizing that often common words might send across the wrong message
    • Reviving the art of disciplined and well decked correspondence
    • Avoiding ire while conveying through email and figuring out the right  alternative to express grievance
    • Understanding the time intervals when or not to forward an email

    Non-written mistakes

    • Spam and chain letters kills effectiveness and rational communication
    • Deciding on whether to add or not to add the read receipt
    • Resorting to solutions in order to send  attachments successfully without virus effecting the flow
    • Carefully handling the “Reply All” feature and gearing up for situations when an e-mail is accidentally sent 
    • To include or not to add a threaded message in a reply
    • Using BCC to protect Email addresses unless everyone knows each other

    Maintaining address book

    • Confidentiality and Security Protecting one’s own  privacy
    • Unencrypted Email is not secure and might be monitored so, choose an effective alternative

    Learning Password recovery methods

    • Installing a good security suite on your personal computer 
    • Using strong passwords

    job role

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo para

    The foremost reason to master email etiquette is to communicate flawlessly in day to day life. Combining the spontaneity and informality of spoken communication with an added gravity of formal conveyance, without expressive body language or vocal effort email rightfully establishes the strength of written communication. Thus, it makes way for professionals adept at it to scale greater heights through manifestation of excellence at not only the workspace but also at the client end. 

    Such groundbreaking soft skill development can catapult a personnel to rewarding heights, by upgrading your social status in your peer group, enhancing the chances of leading your team upfront or become a proficient client communication expert in your esteemed company.

    Salary report

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo para

    For the rightfully skilled individual the right remuneration is never the concern. With businesses going global by the day, email communication is being looked upon as a prime tool to set up long lasting-effective client relations for fetching more revenue. As profits rise in the horizon, it casts a direct impact on the returns the employees expect. Though a bit convoluted, this derives an extremely positive feedback for newer innovative means of communication evolving over a short span. 

    For people who pioneer the sphere of communication in a circle, have brighter times to look up to in their work space as well as beyond, whenever lucrative opportunities come knocking at their door.

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo para

    Even the slightest error can jeopardize the flow of communication, even leading the email to get deleted or completely ignored from the other end. Considering it to be a significant official media, it is an imperative to be extremely cautious during a business correspondence.
    Segregating the art of communicating as per the targetted receiver:


    • Employees or employers
    • Clientele
    • managers
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Students or faculty
      • Job seekers
    Stress is being laid on professional greetings, openings and closings. Creating professional layout to make your email stand out amidst the rest and also focusing on making readers acknowledge your professional writing style, tone, language used. All these are all worthy of  attention and careful consideration in order to earn trust and command respect.

    Even after emailing for ages now, email etiquette courses sharpen you professional communication. The foremost message that these courses intend to give across is that, draft an email in a way to disseminate information, so that it draws instant reaction and act on your message, thus, awarding you the professional image you deserve.

    More and more of such advanced soft skill courses are blooming to mentor in bettering your business correspondence and assure you that you will see improvements in your email writing skills post completion.

    job support

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo para

    Besides incredible optimism, we believe in sourcing the best available talent in the industry as a faculty in IT Spring. At least, this attempt in itself relieves you and us from the anticipation during the training itself, ensuring the delivery of the best services for you to become efficient.
    Do not think we are trying to dodge the topic, we are trying to relieve you of the concern of a third party support. Definitely, we will be streamlining and suggesting you lucrative options which you can capitalize with your skillful performance.

    Frankly, we are not a consultancy, but, we go to the extent to do our best to boost the spirit of the right candidate!



    A certificate validates your skills at the very outset, post which the company might plough through your real time abilities. So, grab the opportunity to be a part of the bandwagon at the earliest!

    Professionals with hands-on experience clearly have higher chances of getting induced in lucrative spaces, but, a certified individual definitely has a skill that has been a subject to validation by experts in the industry.


    What is the time commitment?

    Our course stats section clarifies this doubt of yours. Each course runs for a minimum span of 32 to 40 hours- broken up in modules. Do not worry, our experts are forever ready to answer your doubts even in the afterhours.

    Are these trainings LIVE or do I attend a pre-recorded video?

    Do we have to refer to texts books?

    The training is imparted in a simulated classroom set up, where your wide ranging doubts gets answered by out experts. As a means of reference we provide you with recorded versions of sessions attended.

    Is the exam fee included in the course fee?

    Remember we belong to the digitized genre! We believe in online training through live interactive sessions. The course is majorly project based, driven by expert mentors. Relevant study-mat will be available on your dashboard on registration.

    Can I change my batch?

    There is no exam associated with the training course. The assessment is through a project allotted and submission expected within a marked deadline.

    How will the Labs be conducted?

    We serve your suitability. In case you are facing time issues or any other difficulty our counselors do their utmost to help you.

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