Certified Associate in Project Management

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With 1.57 million new jobs in the offing through 2020, qualified CAPM practitioners will be in high demand.

CAPM Certification costs $225 for PMI members and $300 for non-PMI members.

  • In US, Demand for project management professionals will increase to about 700,000 jobs by 2020.
  • CAPM certification is for project managers with less experience in handling projects.
  • Top notch companies such as IBM, Capgemini, Intel, Microsoft are looking for such individual to grow their accountability.
  • The exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions with four answers per choice. The exam must be completed in three hours.
  • Regular check through mock test and assignment
  • Includes Interactive Videos, Live Session and Case Study based teaching methods.
  • Before the course ends, the student will be given project to handle real time case study

Course Indication


  • CAPM stands for Certified Associate in Project Management, which is a beginner level certification program for project management learners. The certification is offered by the PMI to professional’s little experience in project management. It is not recommended for a newbie with no prior work experience

  • Also, if you are interested in moving your career into project management or adding extra bonus to your salary, you can obtain this certification. Having the CAPM certification shows your commitment to learning new skills. It also shows that you understand the basic terminology and processes which are used in project management

  • This certification makes your fellow employer insecure and proves you to be capable person and also shows you have the ability to manage projects. If you have very little experience or you have just started your career, then this certification will surely help you to take your career to the next level.
  • Las collejas, entendidas como método

  • Our CAPM Exam Prep course provides complete learning of the CAPM exam from the grass root itself for the PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition. Start today, invest in your career, and put all the hard work to clear your CAPM exam. To pass the CAPM exam you do require healthy preparation as well as quality training that'll help you in your role as a project manager. You also want to learn from an authority in project management, in an online environment with plenty of exercises, videos, and concise explanations. Our program has detailed explanation for every concept with example and case study. Interactive videos to make you remember at best of your ability. Along with syllabus, Tips and Tricks, Important Concept. Here at ITSprings we have ensure that this training program will make you prosperous as project manager.
  • Course Stats

  • Duration of the course is 40-50 days. Student are required to devote 3-4 hrs per day for significant benefit. Student can view course as per their convenience However, to move to next lesson student would require to complete the above lesson first. Project is also added to give student a real - time problem statement in today's scenario. At the end of course, exam to ensure student was efficient and regular with the curriculum. Even if student had missed live session, he/she can cope up later. Our mentors will help to solve query within minutes. Also, Certificate will be provided stating that he/she has successfully completed course.

  • These days, organizations know the importance of how good project management can help in bringing best and are constantly looking for best practitioners who used better processes to perform efficiently.
  • Course Outcome

  • This course is best suited for Project Management aspirants who are keen on taking their managerial skills to a new level on a global platform. Such as, Project Associates and Executives or Any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager. This course covers from syllabus to important questions to shortcuts. To make sure you clear exam in first attempt, the course delivers facts of the five process groups and ten knowledge areas as mentioned by PMI®. The Course emphasises on getting depth skills as project manager which will be useful for rest of your career. It is our trademark to provide best facility but at last, your effort will determine the output.
  • Project

  • Project at the end will be provided by mentors to student. Just to evaluate how well student was able to connect with the course and has use it to solve real world challenges. Project will be time bounded. We at ITSprings ensure theoretical knowledge in subjects to be put at best use in practical Applications. Hence, Project will have real life scenarios where student has to apply Different Processes and Tools to get desired result. After Completion of the Project, a Detailed Analysis will be provided regarding what better options could have led to a better scenario. So that Student gets to learn about his/her mistake and never repeat the same when required task is given.
  • Course Objective

  • The motto of the CAPM certification program is to give candidates’ an in-depth understanding of fundamental knowledge of project life cycle and organization, terminology and various processes that play an integral role in effective project management.
    At the end of this course, you will be able to
    • Gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to clear the CAPM® certification exam
    • Develop the foundation of implementing standard processes and practices to be used  in your projects
    • Be able to demonstrate strong commitment to the Project Management profession
    • Become an efficient Project Manager
    • This certification shows employers that you are aware of the latest best practices, and they trust you in your abilities.
    • Project management is a rapidly growing profession. With the CAPM, you’ll be on the fast track to opportunity


  • There is no prerequisite for taking this course However, as per the guidelines provided by PMI a student has to fulfil the following eligibility criteria for taking CAPM certification:
    • He /She must have Secondary degree ,either in high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent
    • Must have minimum 1,500 hours of professional project experience
  • OR
    • Can have Secondary diploma (high school diploma or the global equivalent)
    • 23 hours of formal project management training is required
    • If you don’t fit in any of the mention criteria, this course is not recommended for you. Our Suggestion would be to complete your educational experience as per above criteria or try for your luck in some other course.

    Learn Why

  • CAPM certification offers popularity to practitioners who are interested in or have just started their career in project management or for project team members who want to impart their project management skills. A person with CAPM designation enjoy much more perks than Project Management Professional (PMP) certification holders or project manager or employers or peers. Apart from these your personal growth includes:
    • Professionals will gain skills to handle the project.
    • Candidate will be able to monitor, execute, control and complete the project in the efficient way.
    • Project preparation and planning can be done easily.
    • You can motivate your project team.
    • It helps in maintaining the Quality of the product in the project.
  • If you are new to the Project Management, CAPM® certification help you to grow your career and take you in the right path
  • check schedule

    • 31 Oct-31 Oct
    • 08AM - 11AM EST
    • MonTueWedThuFri
    • 11 Session (3 Hours Each)
    • USD 799
      USD 699
    • 31 Oct-31 Oct
    • 09AM -5PM EST
    • SatSun
    • 5 Session (8 Hours Each)
    • USD 799
      USD 699

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    Course Curriculum

    Lesson 1: Introduction

    Objectives, What is CAPM? Requirement for CAPM exam, About CAPM exam Syllabus

    Lesson 2: Project Management Framework

    Project, Characteristics of Project, Project Management Activities,
    Program Management, Features Of Program Management, Portfolio, Portfolio Management, Project Management Office, Managing The Triple Constraints, Stakeholder, Stakeholder Management, Organization Structure, Functional Organization, Projectized Organization, Matrix Organization, Project Lifecycle Vs. Product Lifecycle, Project Life Cycles

    Lesson 3: Project Management Processes

    Project Life Cycle Vs. Project Management Process, Project Management Process Groups, Process Group Interactions, Project Management Process Groups

    Lesson 04 - Project Integration Management

    Project Management Process Map, Project Integration Management, Role of Project Manager/ Team And Sponsor, Project Selection Methods, Project Integration Management Processes, Reading A Process Diagram, Develop Project Charter, Develop Project Management Plan, Key Terms, Direct And Manage Project Work, Monitor And Control Project Work, Perform Integrated Change Control, Change Management Process, Business Scenario Problem Statement 

    Lesson 5: Project Scope Management

    Project Management Process Map, Project Scope Management, Project Scope Management Activities, Product Scope Vs. Project Scope, Key Terms, Work Breakdown Structure

    Work Breakdown Structure - Example, Project Scope Management Processes, Plan Scope Management, Collect Requirements 

    Business Scenario - Problem Statement, Group Creativity Techniques, Group Decision-Making Techniques, Requirements Traceability Matrix, Define Scope, Create WBS, Validate Scope

    Lesson 6: Project Time Management

    Project Time Management Activities, Gantt Chart Network Diagram Project Time Management Processes, Sequence Activities, Estimated Activity Resources, Estimated Activity Duration, Schedule Network Analysis, PERT Example Critical Path, Schedule Compression, Control Schedule

    Lesson 7: Project Cost Management

    Project Cost Management, Cost Management Plan, Control Account, Plan Cost Management, Estimate Cost, Determine Budget, Control Cost, Earned Value Management

    Lesson 8: Project Quality Management

    Project Quality Management, Quality, Quality Management Concept, Quality Assurance, Control Quantity, Seven Basic Quality Tools, Six Sigma

    Lesson 9: Project Human Resource Management

    Functional Manager Vs. Project Manager, Plan Human Resource Management, Organizational charts and Role description, Resource Histogram, Team Dynamics, Conflict Management, Power of Project Managers

    Lesson 10: Project Communications Management

    Communication – Methods/ Technology/ Channels/ Model, Plan Communications Management, Manage Communications Management, Control Communications Management

    Lesson 11: Project Risk Management

    Key terms, Calculation of Risk, Categorization, Decision Tree, Plan Risk Management, Identify Risk, Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis, Control Risk

    Lesson 12: Project Procurement Management

    Contract, Characteristics of Contract, Type of Contract, Plan Procurement Management, Conduct Procurement, Control Procurement, Close Procurement

    Lesson 13: Project Stakeholder Management

    Stakeholders, Classification Models for Stakeholder Analysis, Stakeholder Engagement Assessment Matrix, identify Stakeholders, Plan Stakeholder Management, Manage Stakeholder Engagement, Control Stakeholder Engagement.

    job role

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo para

    For getting entry as CAPM certified professionals into designations of project managers are business analyst and project coordinators. The medium range jobs for CAPM certified professionals include associate project manager, and project manager while the high level includes senior project manager, deputy project manager and director – project management. The knowledge a practitioner gains from earning the CAPM certification can be applied to on-the-job experiences which help develop growing levels of persistence in the field of project management. CAPM course provides an additional advantage of increase in salary after taking up this course. Apart from this, it would help immensely in your personal growth as you will be better with tools and best practices of project management 

    Salary report

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo para

    The average pay for a Business Analyst, IT is Rs 584,753 per year. Experience strongly influences salary for this job.
    A Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) earns an average salary of Rs 366,142 per year. Skills that are linked with high pay for this job are autodesk, autocad and Microsoft Project.

    The average salary for an Associate Project Manager (Unspecified Type / General) is Rs 1,018,555 per year. The skills that increase pay for this job the most are Mainframe, Data Warehouse, Software Test, Java/J2EE, and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

    The average salary for a Project Manager, Software Development is Rs 1,351,403 per year. Skills that are useful for high pay in this job are Java/J2EE and C programming Language. 

    Senior Project Manager, IT gets an average of Rs 1,818,560 per year.

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo para

    Growing need to develop soft skills.
    In Today’s scenario, project manager and their team need to excel in overall demand which includes verbal, written and active listening!
    Reluctant to take employees with no job experience

    Getting certification related to project management, such as Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), in current situation remains an essential step for all aspiring to become project managers

    Demand for Remote work
    Each day the workforce becomes more widely distributed .With mobile, increase in the demand for remote project management tools and labour. Having the right tools and knowledge can make or break project schedules, budgets and overall success. 

    job support

    Las collejas, entendidas como método educativo para

    In US, Demand for project management professionals will increase to about 700,000 jobs by 2020.
    Average salary of $109,405 taken home by Certified PMPs
    According to the PMI’s “Project Management Salary Survey 8th Edition”, PMP credential holders will earn nearly 17% more salary than their uncertified counterparts.

    Top notch companies such as IBM, Capgemini, Intel, Microsoft are looking for such individual to grow their accountability and strategic alignment.

    According to Dice, PMP certification     is one of the top 5 in-demand certification of 2013 
    Apart from providing world class support in terms of learning and knowledge, we also provide an array of opportunities to tap the correct job roles. We have a number of blogs which are regularly updated with the latest trends and from there, you may pick up the best suited roles, apply for the same and get a job! We also provide regular updates, make you industry ready and help you with the application processes. We are highly dedicated to helping you achieve your goals post completion of this course and our mentors guide you wherever and however possible.



    This is basically training course. Course discusses in depth about all relevant topics required for clearing CAPM exam with ease. At the end of course, there will be exam to test what you have learnt and upon passing exam successfully you will get certificate by ITSprings to validate the same. This exam will follow paper structure of CAPM exam only, so that candidate will be more confident during main day.

    The whole content is designed keeping in mind latest trend and foundation layer. This course will help you, to pass CAPM exam with ease and will also play vital role in shaping your career. As part of this course you will be training on real time projects and assignment which will help you to get well versed with the demand in market and also what to apply where


    If I cancel my enrolment do I get a refund?

    Yes. You receive a refund only if you cancel the enrolment within 48 hours of the time that the payment is done. Anything further than that would not be entertained by us for any reason whatsoever. The money will be refunded into your bank account within 30 days of the cancel request.

    What are the benefits of completing CAPM certification?

    How to get entry into this course?

    On Passing the CAPM examination, you are certified for a duration of five years. You have the option to pursue recertification Before the end of five -  certification period or, if you are eligible, apply for any other PMI certifications.

    What if I Don’t give my assignments and mock test on due time?

    Procedure is three - step click Firstly click on Enrol Now and after that select your schedule and then make payment and receipt for the same will be provided on your registered mail.

    Can I extend the access period?

    Until And Unless Assignment and mock test are not submitted the student would not be able to give exam and hence completion certificate would not be provided by ITSprings.

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