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Ansible is open source, Simple and Powerful automation that can be learnt quickly

Using Ansible, we’ve been able to cut down certain processes from 17 hours to 3 minutes.”, says Branden Faulls head of FATMAP

  • Fastest growing tech skill for job seeker”, says Business Insider
  • Ansible is the most popular open source automation tool on GitHub today with more than a quarter million download per month
  • CISCO, Juniper Networks, DLT are the top company which have benefited from Ansible
  • 6200+ Jobs for ansible in LinkedIn
  • A tool like ansible can be used to provision hundreds or thousands of systems and fully manage them
  • At the end of course student get to work on live project where student has to utilise best of their digital marketing skills
  • Regular check through assignment and mock test

Course Indication

Introduction to Ansible

  • Michael DeHaan, the creator of Ansible, tried and tested many configuration management tools but no management tool could give him assurance of finding the same data six months later. Historically, System administration required a lot of manual effort and heavy workloads. But today, there is Ansible - powerful IT automation engine that thousands of companies are using to improve their performance and DevOps Initiative
  • Ansible is a simple automation language that describes an IT application infrastructure. It’s easy-to-learn, self-documenting, and doesn’t require a grad-level computer science degree to read. Automation shouldn’t be more complex than the tasks it’s replacing. 
  • With Ansible, IT admins can remove the mundane task of doing one work repetitively and that too daily. Automation frees admins up to focus on efforts that help deliver more value to the business by allowing to speed up time of application delivery, and building on an outlook success.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron’s

  • Automation tools can help transform unwieldly IT tasks - managing zero downtime rolling updates, for example - into something far more manageable. In real - time it is used in industry to configure server irrespective of Operating System installed. The employee need not know command for every type operating system which is installed on system they just need to specify the state they want system to be in. Automation is an essential and strategic component of modernization and digital transformation. Ultimately, Ansible gives teams the one thing they can never get enough of: time. Allowing smart people to focus on smart things.
  • Course Stats

  • Course duration is about 30-40 days and each lecture can extend up to 3 hrs. We best recommend student to at least include 3 hrs per day for effective learning. A time bound exam at the end to check how well student was able to get the concept. A certification for the course will be provided at the end. Though sessions are virtual, Support by mentors will be available 24X7 for any student. Examples, Case Study, Graphic content, Short Clips have been added in course for betterment. Ansible is easier to learn than other IT automation engines you still require your basics to be clear. So here is a course by ITSprings from basic to advanced level to get you started.
  • Course Outcome

  • Introduction to Ansible
    This section will cover what is ansible, managing configuration, handling task and play behaviour, Managing Ansible extension
  • Setting up environment
    Guide to how to install and setup the configuration of ansible 
  • Foundation
    Tells us about inventory, host selection methods, tasks and plays, Playbook execution
  • Playbook
    Introduction to Playbook, Packages, Services, Files, Application Module, Support Playbook 2
  • Modular Configuration with Roles
    Covers topic such as converting to roles, Variables, Selection Removal
  • Advanced Execution
    Gives Insight to Introduction to Advanced Execution, Limiting Execution by host, how to accelerate Mode and Piplelining
  • Trouble Shooting, Testing and Validation
    Covers Problems, Syntax Checking, Debbuging
  • Project

  • Live Project is added so that the student gets a view of how it actually works in real world environment. At the end, Project will be provided by mentors to analyse student. Just to evaluate how well student was able to connect with the course and has use it to solve real world challenges. Project will have time duration. System admin are often responsible for managing tens of thousands of computers, some application upgrades require complex work, this is when Ansible comes to your rescue.

  • Course has been best taken care to bring opportunities at your door step.
  • Course Objective

  • This course was built with Ansible version 1.9.3System admin are often responsible for managing tens of thousands of computers, some application upgrades require complex work, this is when Ansible comes to your rescue. That is what this course all about starting from fundamental and practical use to moving to high use case and function and getting in depth about core concept.
  • Course Include topics such as 
    • playbooks, tasks, and roles
    • inventories
    • variables including group and host
    • templates
    • securely handling passwords with the Vault
    • handling failures
    • finding cool new things to play with via Ansible Galaxy
    • Apart from this run and test program by yourself and also get to know about practical application


  • The course ranges from beginner to advanced. Student requires a laptop with good internet connection or at least 1mbps. Links will be provided in the tutorial itself to download and tool or software. Apart from this to set up the environment following configuration are required.

  • You should have a Linux or Mac OS X computer, or access to at least one Linux virtual machine for installing Ansible.
    You'll need a code editor or IDE of your choice.
    You'll need a terminal and SSH client for running Ansible against target hosts.
  • Access to 5 bare-metal or virtual machine Linux server, if you want to follow and set up environment as per tutorial
  • Learn Why

  • Answer is simple If you are interested in automating of your administration tasks or would like to become a DevOps professional, Ansible is where you should start from. The software you generally use are frameworks that give you power for task , like copying files over the network, executing commands on remote desktop, etc. They have a well - defined API, so it is easy to write modules that use these basic functions.

  • The power of these software lies not simply in the framework itself, but the pre-written modules you can download and use immediately. You can’t do that with simple bash scripts. Hence, Ansible
  • check schedule

    • 20 Jun-21 Jun
    • 08AM - 11AM EST
    • MonTueWedThuFri
    • 12 Session(3 Hours Each)
    • USD 300
      USD 400

    French President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party LREM and Download Schedule

    Talk to us for convenient Schedule get timings

    Course Curriculum

    Introduction to Ansible

    • Introduction
    • Configuration, Management and orchestration

    Setting up Environment

    • Preparing for installing
    • Installation


    • Inventory
    • Host Selection
    • Tasks
    • Play
    • Playbook Execution


    • Playbooks 
    • Playbooks Introduction
    • Packages: apt
    • Packages: become
    • Packages: with_items
    • Services: service
    • Services;apache2_module, handlers, notify
    • Files: copy
    • Application module: pip
    • Application module: mysql_db, mysql_user
    • Support Playbook2: Stack status: wait for
    • Support Playbook2: Stack status:  uri,register,fail

    Modular Configuration with roles

    • Roles Overview
    • Converting to Roles: tasks, handlers
    • Converting to Roles: files, templates 
    • Site.yml: include
    • Variables: facts 
    • Variables: defaults 
    • Variables: vars
    • Variables: with_dict 
    • Selective Removal: shell, register, with_items, when 
    • Variables - continued
    • Variables: vars_files, group_vars
    • Variables: vault 
    • External Roles & Galaxy 

    Advanced Execution

    • Advanced Execution Introduction 
    • Removing Unnecessary Steps: gather_fact
    • Extracting Repetitive Tasks: cache_valid_time
    • Limiting Execution by Hosts: limit 
    • Limiting Execution by Tasks: tags 
    • Idempotence: changed_when, failed_when
    • Accelerated Mode and Pipelining 

    Trouble shooting, Testing and Validation

    • Troubleshooting Ordering Problems 
    • Jumping to Specific Tasks: list-tasks, step, start-at-task 
    • Retrying Failed Hosts 
    • Syntax-Check & Dry-Run: syntax-check, check
    • Debugging: debug

    job role

    French President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party

    A Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer 
    A skill in DevOps is required for high granting salary. Most people, change their jobs after 10 years
    Data Team Manager
    The main role here will be to improve data operation and also launch new data pipelines to automate their tedious task
    CloudOps Engineer
    Requires 3+ years of experience. Along with excellent organization skills 
    Work includes Provisioning and monitoring, administrative and security with the goal to make operation easy and safe

    Salary report

    French President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party

    According to Red Hat Reports, Ansible is highest paying Dev Op skill
    A Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer earns an average salary of Rs 666,232 per year
    Earning on over about 10K more than the other DevOps skills, Ansible salaries were average at 121,382 USD a year.
    Ansible ranks Number 9th  in  Forbes top 20  roster of skills with average salary of $1,21,382

    • The average Cloud Ops Engineer salary is $82,669.
    • The average Data Team Manager salary is $61,334.

    DevOps Is Growing, Especially in the Enterprise

    DevOps skills increased from 66 percent in 2015 to 74 percent in 2016.
    DevOps rate of demand is strongest in the industry

    Container Adoption Is Settling, especially in Company
    Company are using containers more than SMBs. 29 percent of company have work running in containers versus 24 percent of SMBs, and 41 percent of enterprises are experimenting as compared to 33 percent of SMBs.

    Biggest Challenge with Containers Is Lack of Experience
    39 % of the public which are not experienced with the container

    Significant Interest in Containers on Bare Metal
    Rate at which containers are being deployed on Virtual Machine (29 percent) versus bare metal (12 percent).
    Google have been using Ansible to Communicate with Satellites.

    job support

    French President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party

    • 6200+ Jobs for ansible in LinkedIn
    • “Fastest growing tech skill for job seeker”, says Business Insider
    • CISCO, Juniper Networks, DLT are the top company which have benefited from Ansible
    • A Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer earns an average salary of Rs 666,232 per year
    • Can Choose to work from DevOps Engineer/Data Team Manager/CloudOps Engineer
    Apart from providing world class support in terms of learning and knowledge, we also provide an array of opportunities to tap the correct job roles. We have a number of blogs which are regularly updated with the latest trends and from there, you may pick up the best suited roles, apply for the same and get a job! We also provide regular updates, make you industry ready and help you with the application processes. We are highly dedicated to helping you achieve your goals post completion of this course and our mentors guide you wherever and however possible. 



    This is a certification based course. At the end of this course, there will be certification exam to test what you have learnt and Clearing exam successfully will get you certificate stating you have successfully completed the course and passed with flying colours.
    The whole content is designed keeping in mind latest trend and foundation layer. This course will help you, to clear any certification exam and also get top opportunities in any MNC. As part of this course you will be training on real time projects and assignment which will help you to get well versed with the current market scenario.


    If I cancel my enrolment do I get a refund?

    Yes. You receive a refund only if you cancel the enrolment within 48 hours of the time that the payment is done. Anything further than that would not be entertained by us for any reason whatsoever. The money will be refunded into your bank account within 30 days of the cancel request.

    Do I need to take course in specific order?

    Yes, we recommend you to move step by step. As, topics are interconnected and will help you to clear your fundamentals.
    What support will be provided by you?

    What support will be provided by you?

    We highly recommend you to connect during our live session, as all your queries and doubt will be cleared same moment. Just in case you are watching recorded version, you may drop a message and your query will be solved in couple of minutes by our trained professionals.

    What if I fail in my assignments and mock test?

    Assignment and mock test are provided to evaluate how well you have understood the topic. The best option would be to go through the chapter again and take again the test till you have set your foundation for the course.

    How are the trainers and how qualified are they?

    With more than 20 years of industry experience, our trainers are the best SEO professionals in the current day corporate market.

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