Why python is better for scripting

Python has been backed by Google as a scripting language. It has since become very popular for scripting. As a general high level language Python has left other languages like Lua and Tcl way behind. One of the main reasons Python is deemed good is that it blends well with data structure and can be used for any purpose with very minimal limitations. Let us take a closer look at the reasons for Python being very good for scripting. It gels well with Linux education.

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Design of the language – Python is designed in such a way that it easily integrates with object orientation and the functional requirements of any project. The language is designed to have all the features and makes it concise and intuitive. It easily blends with paradigm languages like Java and is generally taught in Linux Course Online as the best way to script applications.

Great Syntax – The readability of any programming language is very important in it being good for scripting. Python’s syntax is well thought and has been developed keeping this critical aspect intact. It is easy to learn as it is readable and hence popular among coders, problem solvers and administrators. Even learners can easily understand the code without having to learn too much of syntax. The syntax from learning other languages comes in handy while scripting in Python.

Optimization at its best – Python takes into consideration that a high level programming language should have the optimization feature. It allows to spend more time on coding rather than testing because of the reliability of coding and the ease with which coding can be done.

Documentation and inter operability – Python is very good at making two languages work together. It is indeed great for transition from one language system to another and helps keep good codes intact so it does not need rewriting. This makes the language very efficient. Also it does not require much effort for documentation as it is in built in the language itself. This feature makes it great when going through Linux Administration Training or RHCE.

Data structure and Library availability – Python is built to integrate data structure so well that it works well when used in actual production environment. It means that scripts written in Python are scalable to handle more data without having to rewrite the code. The inbuilt library of database helps the coder and the administrator when the system is in production.

There are some more general points. Python is a complete programming solution. It is open source meaning it is free, runs on all operating systems equally well and can handle large projects and small scripting both. These are some of the reasons Linux education emphasizes learning Python if you want to go to the top of the line.

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