What is the future of Openstack?

The Tokyo summit on Openstack in October 2015 was great success. The main point of discussion was whether Openstack should remain a cloud based platform or expand to become an enterprise solution. So what is in store for Openstack or to say it in simpler words will Openstack training be in real demand among Linux professionals. Well I believe that Openstack has a great potential and future ahead. Though it is still a young technology when compared to other online Linux training courses, it is the way forward. There are many reasons for Openstack being the technology for the future. Some of the reasons are:

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Flexible and Versatile – Openstack is incredibly versatile and flexible. This is why it is becoming so popular among business. It can be adapted to all kinds of needs of all sizes of business. The low cost means that the financial barrier is not there for even the small companies to use Openstack in their IT infrastructure. Even RHCE are learning Openstack to keep up with its demand. In fact it can be used by small startups and multinationals equally well.

Speed of deployment – Speed with which a system is built is very critical to any business’ success. Openstack architecture allows transparent and speedy deployment of systems on the cloud platform. The simple operation without complications is the USP of Openstack. Most of the Linux Course Online are now offering Openstack as a separate training.

It is open source – The best part of Openstack is that it is open source. This means that it can be customized to a level which is not possible with traditional IT platforms. The users can bring in improvements as per their specific requirements. Also the unique cloud technology means many people can work together on the improvement of the technology from across the globe.

So the future is really golden for Openstack, and if the trends are true then it will rule the cloud computing arena in a couple of years. Get trained in this technology today which will be in demand through at least a decade.

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