Tips to clear a technical interview

There are loads of tips available which talk about how to crack a technical interview. All interviews follow a pattern and can be cracked. First thing is to build up the confidence and prepare well. Interview success depends on many factors, if it is a technical interview. Even after having a certification like RHCE you need to brush up interview techniques every time you appear for an interview. Technical interviews are just like any other interview with some difference. Let us examine a few areas of focus.

linux education

Strong Basics – In a technical interview the basics of the programming language is a must. Whatever post you are appearing for make sure that you basics are very strong. If you are appearing for a role on the Linux platform makes sure you go through Linux Fundamentals training.  It helps to clear out the confusions.

Read Job Description carefully – Before you apply make sure you read the Job description very carefully. Job description not only defines the role you would be assigned but also has description about the technical skills. For example while turning up for recruitment for Openstack, take Openstack training manual and match it with the job description.

Be concise in answering – The interviewer will ask many questions, and the approach should be to be concise and to the point. There is no point in beating around the bush. Technical rounds are not only to gauge your knowledge but also how quickly you can use the knowledge. Reading about interview questions commonly asked can help to prepare.

Be ready to learn – The interview is mainly conducted for gauging your ability to learn. Technology is changing very rapidly and you need to be updated with the latest. Also if you do not know the answer, say so. This will reflect you candid attitude which is very essential for recruitment.

Do you homework – When appearing for the interview study the company. It will give you insights what the company does and where it is going. Assimilate this knowledge in your answers, as this is critical.

There are no shortcuts to preparing well, so the advice is to prepare well and be confident to say the least. Other things like dressing well and improving you verbal and non-verbal language are also essential.

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