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Why python is better for scripting

Python has been backed by Google as a scripting language. It has since become very popular for scripting. As a general high level language Python has left other languages like Lua and Tcl way behind. One of the main reasons … Continue reading

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Differences between Linux Servers and Windows Servers

Talking of web hosting companies, most deploy either the Windows or Linux based web hosting servers. Yet, to make the correct choice between the two, an individual must have the knowledge of Windows and Linux Essentials. The basic differences between … Continue reading

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History of Linux Ubuntu

The mention of Ubuntu is done in the introductory Linux class. So what is this Ubuntu? Ubuntu is one of the many Linux distributions available. The code which is the base of Ubuntu Linux is an older distribution of Linux … Continue reading

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Linux mailing Based Service

Microsoft has been dominant in the mail server arena in spite of Linux presence as a free resource. However times are changing and Linux based mailing services are become popular. Red Hat Linux based mail servers is a widely accepted … Continue reading

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Advantage of Device driver development on Linux

What is device driver? Device driver is a part of the kernels’ subroutines and data. It gives software interface to the Input/output device. A driver is a routine which the kernel calls when a particular action is required and passes … Continue reading

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