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Why python is better for scripting

Python has been backed by Google as a scripting language. It has since become very popular for scripting. As a general high level language Python has left other languages like Lua and Tcl way behind. One of the main reasons … Continue reading

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Reasons for Linux based IT infrastructure being considered secure

Linux is considered to be more secure than Windows systems for IT infrastructure uses. In Linux Course Online the first thing that is considered is the enhanced security features Linux distributions provide. Windows on the other hand is more concentrated … Continue reading

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Advantages of KVM

Wouldn’t it be really nice if you could share your computer with your friend sitting in another location? It will reduce costs like buying new disk drives or reduce the risks with older operating systems. Well KVM is all about … Continue reading

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Linux mailing Based Service

Microsoft has been dominant in the mail server arena in spite of Linux presence as a free resource. However times are changing and Linux based mailing services are become popular. Red Hat Linux based mail servers is a widely accepted … Continue reading

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Linux for Database professionals

Linux is an open source operating system that is run by Linux foundation. It is very similar to other Operating systems like Windows but is much more secure and much more powerful. It is not owned by a single company. … Continue reading

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