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Developing Open v Switch to enhance network Virtualization.

Network virtualization and migration to cloud is the future for networking. The virtual layer 2 and 3 in Open source Virtual network abstraction is the most sought after project in Linux coaching. Open vSwitch development is also following the same … Continue reading

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Why managers prefer Linux Professionals over amateurs?

Linux as an operating system is gaining popularity, with most of the IT infrastructure being migrated to this open source software. With a strong online community supporting the system for trouble shooting and other aspects, it will continue to grow … Continue reading

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Differences between Linux Servers and Windows Servers

Talking of web hosting companies, most deploy either the Windows or Linux based web hosting servers. Yet, to make the correct choice between the two, an individual must have the knowledge of Windows and Linux Essentials. The basic differences between … Continue reading

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Linux mailing Based Service

Microsoft has been dominant in the mail server arena in spite of Linux presence as a free resource. However times are changing and Linux based mailing services are become popular. Red Hat Linux based mail servers is a widely accepted … Continue reading

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Why Linux is imperative for R&D.

 Linux is a computer operating system, whose source code is readily available for all. It was first developed in 1991 by Linus Torvalds a 21 year old computer science student in Finland while studying at University of Helsinki. Linux has … Continue reading

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Linux for Database professionals

Linux is an open source operating system that is run by Linux foundation. It is very similar to other Operating systems like Windows but is much more secure and much more powerful. It is not owned by a single company. … Continue reading

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