Developing Open v Switch to enhance network Virtualization.

Network virtualization and migration to cloud is the future for networking. The virtual layer 2 and 3 in Open source Virtual network abstraction is the most sought after project in Linux coaching. Open vSwitch development is also following the same pattern. Open Source networking components and capabilities are being added by Open v Switch developers.


The capabilities enhancement is mainly into virtual network abstraction and the Open Virtual Security commonly known as OVS. The goal of developing Open vSwitch is implementation of quality standards making it possible to operate at all possible levels in the Virtual Network. The developers are also encouraging the use of Open v Switch in OpenStack training. The best thing about the developers working on Open v Switch is that they are working for the best of companies which use this tool. The companies which are contributing are VMware, Red Hat Linux and a startup company Socketplane.

Open v Switch is the most popular switch system in OpenStack, as it is light weight and has more capabilities than its counterparts. The design allows connecting group of Virtual machines in Layer 2 and layer 3 networks. t also allows using other physical network resources to the optimum level like switches, routers Level2,3 and 4 ACLs.

The aim of the team is to customize the Open v Switch to suit the Open Virtual Network model. The idea is to integrate with all classes of Open Virtual Networks. This design evolution means that Open vSwitch will have capabilities which no other switching tool has.

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