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Sample Ansible commands.

Running Ansible commands on remote hosts. Ansible default inventory file is /etc/ansible/hosts which keeps list of all hosts. You can setup number of hosts within groups. tail -n 15 /etc/ansible/hosts How to ping all servers in ansible inventory file. [root@ansible-master ~]# ansible … Continue reading

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How to Install/Deploy Ansible on CentOS 7

Introduction: Ansible is powerful automation and configuration management tool written in python. Ansible does by default communicate with machines over the SSH protocol, Ansible is agent free, does not require any additional agent/daemons to be installed on remote machines. You … Continue reading

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Understanding Open vSwitch

To understand what Open vSwitch is, first we need to understand virtual switching and network layer access. Earlier the servers had to physically connect to the switch in the data center. This was supposedly inconvenient if the data center and … Continue reading

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Developing Open v Switch to enhance network Virtualization.

Network virtualization and migration to cloud is the future for networking. The virtual layer 2 and 3 in Open source Virtual network abstraction is the most sought after project in Linux coaching. Open vSwitch development is also following the same … Continue reading

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